9 Ways to Style a Denim Shirt and Look Fabulous This Summer ...

Summer means new ways to style a denim shirt! The one piece in my closet that is always my go-to is my denim shirt. It’s also the most repeated shirt in my closet because I have four different denim shirts. I love wearing them because they go great with just about everything, and can be worn from preppy, to rocker, to country, and all the way to bohemian. This shirt has no limits but here are 9 ways to style a denim shirt and look fabulous this summer.

1. Paired with White Shorts

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Last winter my favorite outfit was my denim shirt and white jeans and so this summer it’s no surprise that the denim shirt and white shorts are my new favorite. This simple classic combination is the easiest to style a denim shirt because from here you can decide what style you want to dress in. Button up the collar and add a chunky choker necklace, polished bag and some flats and you’ve got preppy look. For a bohemian look roll up the sleeves, open the collar, add a fringed bag and long necklace and pair it all with some gladiator sandals; this is one of my very favorite ways to style a denim shirt.

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