You Should Wear What You Want to Wear No Matter Your Size ...


Some ignorant people say that women with a little weight on them shouldn't be walking around in crop tops and skintight dresses. Of course, they don't know what they're talking about. If you want to wear something, then wear it. Don't let your size stop you.

The beautiful woman in the video down below dressed so she could "see her belly fat for a week," and the experience helped her feel as beautiful as she looked.

Are you going to start wearing what you want to wear instead of listening to what society tries to tell you about your body?

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Great lesson

No, I would not wear what did not fit me well or flatter me and nothing you wore flattered you. But it is your right to wear whatever you makes you happy.

I like the message, but I have the buzzfeed app, you don't have to repost videos, it's a waste of time.

No you should not!!! If not thinking of yourself and what look appropriate, then think of those who have to look at you.


To certian point like color and fabric but when it cones to style nooo girl u gotta b carefull :p

You have to wear things that flatter your body type. What may look nice on one person may not look nice on you no matter your size. And wearing things just because other people does just makes you look bad.

I have to disagree. That is not a pretty look for someone that is heavy. Wear something that is flattering. A fat stomach is not pretty.

This is a Buzzfeed video...

I think as women so often clothing is not about what we like but what flatters us, what is age appropriate, etc...but wouldn't it be freeing to wear and pick out clothes based on what you like? What makes you feel cool! That is a true rebellion!

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