17 Sensational Ways for Shy Girls to Nail Bold Fashion Choices ...


17 Sensational  Ways for Shy Girls to Nail Bold Fashion Choices ...
17 Sensational  Ways for Shy Girls to Nail Bold Fashion Choices ...

Being shy can affect every aspect of your life. There are variations of shy, of course – some people are just a little bashful while others are practically immobilized by their shyness. The thing about shy girls is that we want to splash out, too – we're just too shy to do so sometimes, that's all. People have this tendency to think that if you're shy, you must not have much of a personality, but that's patently untrue. I hate that stereotype, don't you? If so, I've got some help for you – even if you're shy, you can show off your personality with some beautifully bold style choices.

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Throw on Some Fringe

Not a lot, of course, but a little fringe is both eye-catching and bold without being too ostentatious. That's perfect for a shy fashionista, don't you think?


Carry a Bold Bag

You can opt for bold accessories, too – they'll make you stand out, but you won't feel like you're standing out, do you know what I mean?


Pull on a Cute Hat

Speaking of accessories, a hat is a perfect pick. It has an added advantage, if you're shy – it's easy to hide behind when you start feeling uncomfortable.


Let Your Earlobes Be Bold

Bold jewelry works, too. A pair of statement earrings can let the world know that you may be shy, but your fashion sense is big and bright.


Patterns Galore!

Patterns are always eye-catching, too. Make your fashion statements that much bolder with prints and patterns that capture attention.


Show off Your Shoulders

An off-the-shoulder top or dress is bold without being too … too, you know? Besides, something like this is ideal for the upcoming warm weather.


Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are perfect for the summer months, as they allow you to show off your shoulders while still being comfortable and stylish. This look is also great for those who are more shy and don't want to go too bold with their fashion choices. The off-the-shoulder style is a great way to inject some personality into an outfit without being too flashy. It's also versatile, as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you're going to a summer party or just running errands, an off-the-shoulder top or dress is sure to make you feel confident and stylish.


The Brighter, the Better

See what I said about patterns? You can also add some subtle highlights to your hair – see how well that works? Gorgeous hair, girl!


Mix It up

Do you really want to splash out? Then feel free to mix those vivid prints and patterns. As long as the designs and colors complement one another, you're good to go.


Leather Leggings

The thing is, you can be bold without being flashy. Leather leggings and leather-look leggings, for example, are trendy, on point, and polished.


The Eyes Have It

Picking out something fun and funky to wear is a fab idea, too. You can show off your quirky personality without saying a word.


Slip on a Statement Necklace

Back to the subject of jewelry, you can always show off with a statement piece. The next time you're out shopping, look for a necklace that catches your eye.


Fabulous in Floral

A colorful floral pattern will make you look and feel bold even if you're hopelessly bashful. Seriously, though, this is more than a dress. It's a DRESS.


Try a Maxi Dress

Why? Because maxi dresses are often bright, bold, and vivacious. They're simple, chic, and comfortable, too, so you won't feel uneasy or uncomfortable when you wear one.


Maxi dresses are a great way for shy girls to make a bold fashion statement. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect dress for any occasion. Maxi dresses are also incredibly comfortable, so you won't feel uncomfortable or uneasy when you wear one. The best part is that maxi dresses are flattering on all body types, so you can look your best while feeling confident. Plus, maxi dresses are easy to accessorize, so you can create a unique and stylish look that reflects your personal style.


Work It in a Skirt

Unusual pieces are the best way to be bold. You don't see quilted skirts like this all the time, for instance. Simply wearing something different can be a bold step.


Choose Bold Shoes

There's a plethora, after all. You don't have to pick bright colors or patterns, either – leopard print is neutral, after all, but it definitely still draws attention.


Never Let Your Shorts Be Shy

There is nothing shy about these shorts. When all else fails, remember that sizzling colors and fun patterns will always carry the day.


The Perfect Bold Summer Outfit

You can put together an ensemble like this, too. Just look at the separate components – a bright solid, an eye-catching pattern, a great bag, cute shoes, and statement jewelry.

Remember, you don't have to wear anything that makes you uncomfortable – that's not what being bold is about. Inject vivid colors and prints into your wardrobe. Look for item

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