17 Pieces of Style for Ladies Who Love the 1950s Era ...


17 Pieces of Style for Ladies Who Love the 1950s Era ...
17 Pieces of Style for Ladies Who Love the 1950s Era ...

You don't have to dress like everyone else around you. If you prefer styles from the past, then you can draw inspiration from them instead of slipping into yoga pants everyday. Here are a few outfits that women who are fans of the 50s should try recreating themselves:

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Hair with Volume

hair, human hair color, face, clothing, red, After you slip into a dress with the right designs, don't forget about the importance of your hair and makeup. They can help you rock that 50s vibe.


Poofy Dress

yellow, clothing, woman, dress, wedding dress, Instead of wearing a miniskirt that sticks to your curves, you should try wearing a dress like this for a change. You can still look sexy in it, even though it isn't revealing.


Crop Top

white, clothing, dress, wedding dress, woman, You don't have to leave all of your modern clothes behind. If you pair a crop top with a high waisted, poofy skirt, then you can still look like you've stepped out of the 50s.


Patterned Skirt

clothing, dress, pattern, fashion, design, Here's another option you can choose instead of slipping into your teeny tiny skirts. Wear a long one instead and finish the look off by pairing it with a long sleeved shirt. Conservative can be cute, too.


Neck Scarf

clothing, blue, beauty, girl, dress, It doesn't matter what you wear. If you add a tiny scarf to your neck, then you're going to look like you belong a few decades back.

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Oversized Hat

clothing, dress, fashion, spring, gown, Scarves aren't the only accessories that can complete your look. It's also a great idea to pick up an oversized hat.


Floral Dress

pink, dress, clothing, red, lady, Don't be afraid to wear bright colors. It'll help you stand out from the modern crowd.



clothing, fashion, spring, pattern, model, If you're going to wear a sweater and a long skirt, make sure you have a cute belt to go with the ensemble. It'll pull the look together.


Polka Dots

red, clothing, dress, polka dot, pink, Find an outfit that's filled with polka dots. Don't worry, you won't look like Minnie Mouse.


Gingham Dress

clothing, dress, blue, girl, pattern, This is a pattern that you don't see much anymore. That's why wearing it will make you feel like a blast from the past.


Red Dress

hair, red, clothing, sitting, human positions, If you really want to show off your curves, you still can. Try wearing a dress like this one with a flower in your hair.


Pastel Pink

wedding dress, woman, clothing, dress, person, You don't have to wear a bright color, like red. You can try wearing pastel pink, too.


Floral Skirt

clothing, blue, human positions, sitting, product, If you find a long skirt that has a floral pattern, then it'll be easier for you to look like you're from the 50s. Pair it with any solid shirt and you'll be done!


Picnic Skirt

clothing, fashion, handbag, abdomen, photo shoot, How adorable is this outfit? It'll work well in summer, when the weather is warmer.


Simple Dress

blue, clothing, electric blue, woman, dress, You could wear an outfit like this to work, but you could also wear it to a party. It's versatile.


Poodle Skirt

clothing, dress, lady, fashion, gown, You can't forget about poodle skirts! Add a bow to your hair and some glasses to complete the look.



clothing, fashion, spring, pattern, overall, You don't have to stick to wearing dresses and skirts. You can pull off the 50s look while wearing pants, too.

Now you can use these ideas in order to create a 50s inspired outfit of your own. What's your favorite era of fashion?

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My gosh I love the 50s! Thank you so much for this article!!

I've always loved the style in the 50's

Gotta love polka-dots!

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