Fun First Date Outfits for Girls Who Don't like Dressing up ...


Fun First Date Outfits for Girls Who Don't like Dressing up ...
Fun First Date Outfits for Girls Who Don't like Dressing up ...

So you've been asked out and it's the very first date, you head to the closet and now you have to find something to wear. The hardest part of any first date ever right? Don't worry girls, I've got you covered with the best, fun, flirty and awesome first date inspo you've ever seen! Take a look below!

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Simple Dress and Boots

footwear,clothing,lady,fashion,dress, Now, I hate, hate to dress up, which makes finding a first date outfit even worse. This outfit, though? I could do this. Look at those boots!


Graphic Tee and Patterned Skirt

clothing,yellow,pattern,polka dot,spring, If you are a little quirky and different, this is seriously the perfect date outfit for you! It shows the fun side of you.


Just a Little Flirty

clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,abdomen, Okay, so this one is a little girly, however, the crop top and the floral skirt is very cute. Pair it with some boots and you'll look adorable!


Shorts and a Halter

clothing,lady,dress,footwear,spring, Easy-going and casual is what this outfit is all about. Don't want to dress up too much? This is it!


Jeans and a Tank

clothing,muscle,thigh,dress,photo shoot, You don't always have to rock a skirt or a dress on a date – seriously, jeans are okay too!


Button up and Shorts

hair,clothing,human positions,sitting,blond, Love this outfit! So adorable, so simple and so chic.


Cute in Lace

beauty,fashion,dress,leg,OnSale, This look is so simple and cool.


Patterned Dress

color,photograph,blue,clothing,dress, If you do want to dress up a bit – even if you hate it, this look is easy and fashionable!


Graphic Tee and Jeans

clothing,magazine,fashion,spring,supermodel, I love this look – minus the weird 'happy' thing, but other than that, it is classic and shows your personality a bit!


Jeans and Peplum Top

white,clothing,footwear,beauty,leg, Peplum tops are perfect for us full-figured girls and this look is adorable. It's almost Audrey-classic!


Boyfriend Jeans and Baseball Shirt

clothing,denim,footwear,jeans,spring, Heading out to a baseball game? What about out to a patio for dinner? This look is ideal for that!


Casual and Chic

clothing,denim,footwear,outerwear,spring, Holes in the jeans, stripped up top, and a top-knot. Effortless!


Sweater and Skinny Jeans

clothing,footwear,denim,outerwear,leather, Save this look for the fall! I love the pop of color on the shoes for sure!


Pop of Color

clothing,yellow,footwear,outerwear,fashion, Just a little bit of yellow and a white shirt – love those jeans!


Flats and Colored Pants

red,clothing,footwear,fashion,spring, Can I just say that this look is so me? I'd rock those pants, those shoes and that shirt!


Leather and Glitter

clothing,outerwear,jacket,blazer,sleeve, Just a little glitz and glam for sure!


Keep It Casual

clothing,fashion,spring,abdomen,photo shoot, How cute is that shirt? How cool are those jeans?

So girls, these are just a few fun outfits if you loathe dressing up. What other outfits are your date night choices?

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So according to this post, pretty much anything is fine..... That's not helping me choose an outfit!

so cute!

😂 it's still making my choice hard but I love the suggestion

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