17 Sexy Punk Rock Styles to Wear to Your Prom ...


17 Sexy Punk Rock Styles to Wear to Your Prom ...
17 Sexy Punk Rock Styles to Wear to Your Prom ...

I may be long past my prom days, but that doesn't mean that I don't still appreciate all the fun and excitement of prom season – mainly because the dresses are so fierce compared to what they were in the way-back days of the long ago time. I wore an unfortunate, offensively purple dresses to my prom. It was all sparkled overlay. I am not proud. If I could do it all over again, I'd go for a grungy punk princess prom look – like one of these epic ensembles.

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Combat Boots and Tulle

Combat Boots and Tulle Is there a better combination? Honestly, I think combat boots and tulle are ideal for day-to-day wear. Love this look!


Tulle – often perceived as the epitome of femininity, with its delicate and ethereal vibe – is given an extraordinary twist when paired with the edginess of combat boots. This juxtaposition is not just stylish, but it empowers the wearer with a sense of bold individuality. Imagine a pristine, floaty tulle skirt against the tough, grounded silhouette of the boots – the contrast is both eye-catching and unapologetically cool. It's the perfect way to add a punch of punk rock to the prom-night ensemble without compromising on glamour. Truly, it delivers a statement that's both fashion-forward and rebelliously chic.


Lace and Fishnets

Lace and Fishnets This is a show-stopper. Who's thinking about wearing something like this to prom? 'cause you should definitely do it.


Lace and fishnets scream edgy sophistication, making them perfect for the punk rock prom-goer ready to stand out. Ditch the conventional and embrace the intricate patterns that wrap your skin in a web of bold elegance. Whether you choose a floor-length lace gown with fishnet accents or a daring mini with fishnet sleeves, these textures create a stunning contrast against the classic prom backdrop. Don't hesitate to accessorize with spiked bracelets and chokers to add that extra edge. Remember, your prom night is a chance to showcase your unique style, so make it memorable with a look that's all your own.


The Corset Dress

The Corset Dress Comfortable? No. Flattering? Universally.


The Darkest Fairy

The Darkest Fairy I have fallen in love with a dress. Actually, the whole look is gorgeous, the makeup and hair complement the dress perfectly, but I am all about the dress.


Denim and Tulle

Denim and Tulle The jacket needs a few more buttons, I think. Everything else is absolutely on-point for a punk prom, though.


Mad for Plaid

Mad for Plaid Emma, admittedly, was not going to prom, but her look here is easily copied and ideal for a polished punk look.


A Little Victorian

A Little Victorian The dress, the sleeves, the shoes, the knee socks! Love, love, love it!


Gothic Punk Rock

Gothic Punk Rock This dress is actually a work of art. Pure props to the designer. The bodice, the skirt, the accents – all flawless.


Those Tights

Those Tights The dress is fierce af, too, but those tights definitely add to it. I love that dark purple hue, as well – very dramatic.


The tights featured in the image are a dark purple hue, making them a great addition to the dress for a dramatic, punk rock-inspired look. The tights are made from a comfortable and stretchy material, making them perfect for dancing the night away. They are also available in a variety of sizes, so they can be worn by anyone regardless of their size and shape.


Ruffles on Ruffles on Ruffles

Ruffles on Ruffles on Ruffles Admittedly, this is more goth than punk, but who cares? She is serving and we can all have a slice.


Blazer and Tulle

Blazer and Tulle Clearly, pairing tulle with something unexpected is a winning idea here. This reminds me of early '90s Courtney Love.


Simple but Not Plain

Simple but Not Plain This is chic, sleek, and sophisticated, but although it's just a little black dress, there's nothing plain about it. Absolutely nothing.


Go for Some Glitter

Go for Some Glitter Not a lot, you don't want to overwhelm your look with lots of glitter and sequins, but something like this with the right jacket and boots? That could work.


It Takes Backbone to Wear a Prom Dress like This

It Takes Backbone to Wear a Prom Dress like This Get it? I'm so funny!


Striped Perfection

Striped Perfection I adore this. Again, it's a bit more goth, but it reminds me of Tim Burton, so I'm a fan.


Sassy Ombre

Sassy Ombre I love this. I really love that she combines the brighter, lighter dress with dark tights and shoes.


A Softer Side of Punk

A Softer Side of Punk This is more punk-inspired than actually punk, but it's so pretty!

What are you wearing to prom this year?

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Me being part of this stereotype, I know that the majority are more gothic, which is what I wear soooo

Okay, the glitter dress is what every other cheerleader wore to homecoming. Seriously?

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