17 Fashion Essentials for Girls Wanting to Look Sexy ...


17 Fashion Essentials for Girls Wanting to Look Sexy ...
17 Fashion Essentials for Girls Wanting to Look Sexy ...

You don't need to dress a certain way in order to turn a man on, because looks aren't everything. You can use your body language and confidence in order to impress him instead. That being said, here are a few fashion essentials for women who want to use their clothes to feel sexier:

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Peep Toe Heels

Heels are sexy, because they change your stance. They make you stick out your booty and chest a bit more. Of course, peep toe heels are even sexier, because they show an extra sliver of skin and polish.


A Crop Top

If you don't want to go to the beach to show off your stomach, you should buy some crop tops. That way, everyone will be able to see your sexy midriff.


A Cutout Dress

If you want to show off areas of your body that are usually concealed, buy a cutout outfit. It'll expose your shoulders, hips, or back in brand new ways.


A Belt

If your outfit isn't tight, you can make it cling to your body better by adding a belt. That way, everyone will be able to see your sexy shape.


A Pushup Bra

If you're unhappy with the size of your boobs, you can always slip into a pushup bra. It'll make you seem like you're a cup size bigger.


A Thong

If you wear a thong beneath your pants, you won't have pesky panty lines. That means your booty will look better than ever before.


High Waisted Jeans

These will make your legs look longer. They'll also make your booty stand out more. That's a recipe for sexiness.


A Mini Skirt

If you aren't afraid of showing a little skin, you should buy a mini skirt. Otherwise, you can just buy a pencil skirt that clings to you in all the right ways.



If you own plenty of leggings, it's time to branch out and buy fishnets. They'll turn any ordinary outfit into a hot one.


Fishnets are the underrated hero of your wardrobe. Add a dash of boldness to your ensemble by layering them under ripped jeans or pairing them with a sleek mini. They're versatile - perfect for a rock concert or a date night! Whether you opt for classic black or dare to color block, fishnets inject just the right amount of edgy to your look. Don't forget, they can also be feminine; think of soft dresses toughened up with their grid-like charm. Time to embrace the naughty-yet-nice aesthetic they offer!


Yoga Pants

You've heard all about these. Men love what we look like from behind when we walk around in tight yoga pants.


A Fitted Top

You don't have to buy a low-cut top. As long as you buy one that fits you well, you're going to get plenty of compliments.


A Body Con Dress

These dresses will cling to your body. That way, everyone will see your sexy curves.


A Leather Jacket

Men aren't the only ones who look sexy in leather. You can rock a leather jacket, skirt, or pants.



Lace is subtly sexy. It'll make you look like a bombshell, but you'll also manage to look classy at the same time.


An off the Shoulder Shirt

Men like round things. That doesn't just mean your booty and breasts. It also means your shoulders.


Gladiator Sandals

These go all the way up your pretty little legs, drawing attention to them.


Red Lipstick

Makeup can make or break your look. That's why you should think about donning red lipstick or cat eyes.

If you have these fashion essentials in your closet, it won't be hard for you to find something sexy to wear. What clothing item or makeup product makes you feel the hottest?

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buggy pants 💕

For a second i thought the guy in picture 14 was Chanyeol from EXO

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