7 Classic Ways to Style a Black and White Outfit ...


You have two reasons to follow the black and white trend for fall.

One, it's a classic color combo that can make you look oh so sophisticated.

Two, celebrities like Cameron Diaz have set a good example of chic fashion in a black and white outfit.

The monochromatic trend has a very sharp aesthetic that exudes a stylish effect that never goes out of style.2

For inspiration, I present my top 7 classic ways to style a black and white outfit.

1. Textured


Try for a blend of classy and upbeat by infusing texture into your white/black outfit.2

An eye-catching black textured cardigan will look sublime over a cute white top.

Better still is a trendy black and white patterned skirt or a black leather skirt.

This look is incredibly contemporary and confidence inspiring.

It is the kind you can wear to a casual get-together or to the office.

2. Stylish Leggings

Stylish Leggings

Recently, I discovered the utter hotness of white leggings with a black print.

They're loud, so keep it simple on the top.

I suggest an in-style black or white blouse to match one of the colors on your two toned leggings.

Add statement jewelry to act on your mood or style.

If you are feeling energetic, throw on some funky jewelry or instead opt for simple accessories for casual Friday.

3. Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress

Forget assembly;

purchase one of the many stylish black and white dresses on sale in different patterns.

Channel a 70s diva in a retro inspired black and white dress.

Though there are more fashionable choices;

some dresses are elegant white with flirty black designs or a white blouse fitted with a black skirt and sleeves.2

As for accessories, color- coordination livens up the outfit, black purses with white trimmings or a white purse with black edges.

Included in the list is a pair of sexy black/white heels.

Attempt Layers
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