7 Stylish Clothing Items to Get You through Winter Weather ...


Just because it’s cold out in winter doesn’t mean you have to stay bundled up in a coat and avoid stylish clothing for winter.2

Surprisingly, some of the most fashionable items are many winter clothing items that I personally love.

Stylish clothing for winter won’t only keep you fashionable, but also warm and cozy!

1. Scarves


Scarves are of some of the best pieces of stylish clothing for winter.

I love wearing stylish fluffy scarves with just about anything, and I like simpler wool ones as well.2

You can even layer thinner scarves for a trendy look, or double wrap smaller scarves as a warm headband.

Scarves are great to pair under thinner jackets if you don’t feel like wearing a heavy coat too.

This keeps things trendy, and keeps you toasty!

2. Fleece Headbands

Fleece Headbands

If you’re working out or just headed out to run errands, try putting on a fleece headband to keep your ears warm.

I love walking outdoor in these, and also like wearing them if it’s chilly and I don’t want to wear a toboggan.

Plus, fleece headbands come in multiple colors and have nice, thick bands to hold your hair back.

They also come in many prints, and best of all, they won’t mess your hair up.2

3. Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have been pretty popular for awhile now, and with good reason.

These jackets are some of the most fashionable winter clothing items to own, and they’re also warm.

You can buy leather bomber jackets, or varieties from other material as well.2

These jackets are less bulky than standard coats, and they put a trendy spin on staying warm in winter.

4. Jeggings


Have you heard of jeggings?

I’m sure you have.

Jeggings are one of those items most people either hate or love.

I’m a huge fan of American Eagle’s new skinny leg jeggings.

They look exactly like jeans, but when you wear them they feel like sweats.2

They’re a great way to stay warm, but not look like you have on sweatpants.

I love anything that serves two purposes like jeggings.

Try on several types, as many differ between brands, so you can find which one works for you.

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