9 Stylish Skirts for This Summer That You Simply Can't do without...


In every season, but especially during summer, I think that it’s really important to fill your wardrobe with plenty of stylish skirts, so you’ll always have some to choose from.

I believe that a skirt is the most important and most versatile piece of clothing and, this summer, skirts are getting a lot of attention from the famous fashion brands.2

By wearing the perfect skirt you could easily feel more feminine, more elegant and also, this item can always get you out of trouble whenever you can’t seem to find an outfit for a special occasion.

If you want that every time you go out, all eyes to be on you, you can easily match a few stylish skirts with different tops or shirts and I’m pretty sure your presence won’t pass unnoticed.

1. Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts, especially those made from soft fabrics in pastel shades, are of course among the most stylish skirts for this summer and I’m sure you can see why.

This type of skirt will make you seem even more feminine and they’ll offer you a much subtle type of sensuality.

You can match a pleated skirt with a silk blouse or a shirt and don’t forget about wearing high-heels with that outfit, especially if you are petite.

You can always wear this type of skirt during the day and also, on a special night out;

it’s your choice!

2. Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts

Mini-skirts have made a big come-back and this skirt is present in most fashion shows this season, although you can say that mini-skirts are never out of style.2

They can be classical, straight cut, even a bit retro, asymmetric, made from metallic fabrics, fringed, with ruffles or even with peplum.

You can wear them with a masculine shirt for contrast or if you have a high waist mini-skirt, you can combine it with a crop top.

You can also choose to wear a flowing over-sized blouse or sweater with a straight cut mini-skirt.

Flared Skirts
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