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Being a tad bit petite, I’m always looking for tips for how to dress as a petite woman. Though I’m not extremely short, I am naturally petite and have struggled with fitting into clothes my whole life. I have a high waistline, prominent hip line, and legs that I wish were just a wee bit taller. I’ve learned it isn’t impossible to find ways on how to dress as a petite woman though. You also don’t need to hire a fancy tailor, unless you just want to, of course. These tips will help you fit better in your clothes, feel more comfortable in your clothes, and also help you look taller, believe it or not!

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Shop in the Petite Section

Shop in the Petite Section Okay, now let’s start with one of the obvious ways on how to dress as a petite woman. This might seem like a silly tip, but you’d be surprised how many women try to shop in a department that their body isn’t made to fit into. Case in point: I realized three years ago that I couldn’t shop in the juniors section I once used to, nor in the adult women’s section. I felt a little out of my element, until I finally broke down and started buying petite clothes. The result? My clothes fit better, I look better ,and shopping is actually enjoyable again.


Dress in One Color

Dress in One Color I know this tip might sound a bit drab or boring, but hear me out. Dressing in one color actually elongates the body, believe it or not. It creates a longer illusion, and also takes the focus off shorter legs and waists. Try blacks, grays, browns, creams, and navy for the best benefits.


Try Heels

Try Heels If you hate looking short as a petite woman, put on a pair of heels and see if you don’t feel fabulous! I always love wearing heels to make me feel taller and more prominent. A 3-4 inch heel can make all the difference, just make sure your hemline on your pants comes to at least the top part of where the heel on the shoe begins.


Go Vertical

Go Vertical When choosing clothes, try selecting blazers, shirts, or even pants that have vertical lines. They make you appear taller and naturally elongate your body.


The Right Size

The Right Size Be sure when choosing your clothes that you don’t select tops that are too big. This makes you look disproportionate, and also makes you look shorter than you may be. When your clothes don’t fit well, your whole body just looks off. You’ll also feel more comfortable by dressing in clothes that don’t drape off of you.


Avoid Bulk

Avoid Bulk When dressing yourself each day as a petite woman, be sure you avoid too much bulk. For instance, don’t wear bulky sweaters or blouses. And don’t wear so many layers that it creates added bulk. This will help enhance your petite figure naturally and is pretty simple for anyone to do.


Try Belts

Try Belts I like to wear belts that are high waist to make my legs look longer and also cinch in my waist. This creates a longer, curvier figure that’s appealing no matter what your size. You can do this with dresses, jeans, skirts, and anything!

If you’re a petite size, I’d like to hear from you. Do you struggle with finding clothes that fit, or have a tip that makes dressing easier?

Source: petite.about.com

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Love these! I'm about 4'11" and I love my maxi dresses and skirts! I always have to get them tailored but they look so great after!

what are the stores that sell petite clothes? (U.S)

In number 2 she looks so sweaty

I'm 4'10" I buy a lot of my clothes at loft. I've had really good luck buying jeans at the buckle. Miss Me's seem to fit the best.

Wait does petite mean short or skinny?

blacks are meant to make you look slimmer, i think its a bad idea for petite girls to dress in all black and verticals??? Heather this article is soo not what i expected and petite girls are suppose to dress in layers

Please do a tall woman's version!

Hi there, I normally look at stores that only design for tall women. I love their designs but it a struggle to fit in them and look good. Any brands you would recommend? Cheers

Hello i will like to know how You can get a long hair

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