7 Awesome Animal Print Items to Unleash Your Wild Side ...

I love animal print and there are many awesome animal print items to unleash your wild side. I have just about every item of clothing in various zoological designs and looking into my wardrobe can be a bit like looking at a view over the Serengeti National Park. It's one of those things that will never go out of fashion though and is a classic wardrobe staple. Celebs have been photographed sporting these wild styles since the beginning of time and most people have at least one leopard print item in their home. Obviously caution has to be paid in terms of not overdoing the animal print (says the animal print addict) - my partner says that if I had my way, I would leopard-print my car. What he has actually done with that comment, is unwittingly give me an idea! Anyway, while I stencil the design on my unsuspecting car, here are some great animal print items for your wardrobe.

1. Gloves

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If you're not that big on animal print and want to start with one of the more subtle animal print items, then these black and animal print gloves with a zip finish for $44 from River Island are for you. They keep your hands nice and cosy in the cold and look luxurious too. My love of the animal print actually started, innocently enough, with a pair of leopard print gloves and it all went a bit crazy from there. Be warned!

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