7 Tongue-in-Cheek T-shirts to Show off Your Street Cred ...


7 Tongue-in-Cheek T-shirts to Show off Your Street Cred ...
7 Tongue-in-Cheek T-shirts to Show off Your Street Cred ...

Tongue in cheek t-shirts have been enjoying popularity for some time now. These t-shirts are the ones that parody designer logos, are a play on words, or just poke fun at fashion in general. There’s a bit of a pop culture element to them, and wearing one of these tongue in cheek t-shirts can be seen as a way of showing off your street cred. These are just a few tongue in cheek tees that we’ve been eyeing off lately.

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Homies T-shirt

Homies T-shirt The “Homies” t-shirts are probably some of the most popular tongue in cheek t-shirts around. These tees parody the luxury label Hermès and associate it with gangster culture. As a result, these cheeky t-shirts have been a hit across the fashion spectrum. This particular t-shirt is by Brian Lichtenberg but you can also check out ASOS for similar styles.


Féline T-shirt

Féline T-shirt This t-shirt is a cheeky take on the popular Céline branded t-shirts. They’re also perfect for unleashing your inner cat lady, albeit in a chic designer way. This particular t-shirt is by Brian Lichtenberg and you can find them online at various stockists. If you’re a fan of the Céline parody tee you might also want to check out Sincerely Jules’ “Célfie” t-shirt for another play on the label.


Ain’t Laurent T-Shirt

Ain’t Laurent T-Shirt It seems like the designer parody t-shirts are coming thick and fast these days. One of the latest on our radar is this play on the popular Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. The “Ain’t Laurent without Yves” slogan refers to the fashion house’s recent decision of dropping the “Yves” part of the name and using “Saint Laurent” for future collections. This t-shirt is by Reason Clothing and you can purchase one through their website or you can also grab it at ASOS.


This tongue-in-cheek design has become an instant hit among the fashion-forward crowd who love to mix high fashion with a touch of humor. The bold statement is a nod to those who cherish the original brand's history, and it has fast become a must-have for trendsetters looking to pay homage with a playful twist. For those who dare to wear their opinions on their sleeve—or more accurately, across their chest—this t-shirt serves as the perfect conversation starter. It’s ironic, it's fashionable, and it's a cheeky way to stay en vogue without taking style too seriously.


No Clue T-shirt

No Clue T-shirt This is another fashion parody t-shirt from Reason Clothing. It uses the popular masthead of fashion magazine Vogue and alters it to read “No Clue”. I guess it’s a social statement of sorts, and you can get your hands on one of these t-shirts for around $20.


Gimmy More Choos T-shirt

Gimmy More Choos T-shirt This tongue in cheek t-shirt by Michael Agwunobi is a play on the popular Jimmy Choo label. It reads “GIMMY more CHOOS” and really, who doesn’t want more shoes, especially if they’re of the designer variety? You can also find several more parody t-shirts by Michael Agwunobi on his website.


Last Clean T-shirt

Last Clean T-shirt Even if it’s not laundry day, you could easily get away with wearing this tongue in cheek t-shirt. If you can’t be bothered with your appearance or need an excuse for dressing down then this t-shirt spells it out for everyone around you. You can get a hold of one of these t-shirts from Nylon Shop.


Boy Scouts T-shirt

Boy Scouts T-shirt Are you a boy scout or scouting boys? You decide when wearing this cool Zoe Karssen t-shirt. It’s not a designer parody tee like some of the others on this list, but it is still a bit tongue in cheek, depending on which way you want to look at it. It’s a perfectly slouchy tee that’s great for working this season’s streetwear inspired looks.

The tongue in cheek t-shirt has definitely gone viral, and they’re one of the hottest streetwear trends at the moment. What do you think of the fashion parody t-shirt? Which of these t-shirts do you like best?

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