7 Awesome Ready-to-Wear Collections I Want Right Now ...

If I were super-rich, I’d have a closet full of my favorite ready-to-wear collections. Designers of all fields amaze me; fashion designers particularly so. The drive and constant push to reinvent, re-imagine and create entirely new looks each season is phenomenal. There is no wonder why many of the big names in fashion are known as β€œhouses.” Each has a team of designers who work for them. Below are 7 awesome ready-to-wear collections I want right now!

1. Viktor & Rolf Fall 2003

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I know it's a few years old now, but the Viktor and Rolf Fall 2003 collection is my all-time favorite of all ready-to-wear collections! I am in love with the cut, color, and style of the entire collection. The pieces are a great mix of feminine and masculine features. From the sharp lines and military style to the feminine waist cuts and necklines, I simply adore it! I especially love look 3: the crisp white shirt and dark denim pant are fabulous!

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