9 Furry Accessories to Add Texture to Your Outfit ...

Now is the time to don some season-appropriate furry accessories. They’re great for adding some texture to your outfits, as well as the added bonus of some extra warmth for these all too chilly months ahead. From faux fur collars to cosy Cossack hats, there are a number of furry options to check out. Take a look at these furry accessories that will add texture to your outfits this season.

1. Faux Fur Collar

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Furry accessories like a faux fur collar are an easy way to add some texture to your outfits this season. Just pop one on over any jacket or coat to jazz up an ordinary collar. This short faux fur collar from Topshop will set you back around $50 and you can also find other versions available online at ASOS.

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