Awesome Style Tips We Can All Take as a Lesson from Coco Chanel ...


Awesome Style Tips We Can All Take as a Lesson from Coco Chanel ...
Awesome Style Tips We Can All Take as a Lesson from Coco Chanel ...

Style tips from Coco Chanel are the only thing you need when it comes to fashion. After all, she was and still is the biggest and the best fashion icon in all of history. Not only is she known for creating the little black dress and the legendary Chanel no.5 perfume, but also for her wit, humor and spot-on views on fashion. Here's presenting 25 style tips from Coco Chanel that will change your life.

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Beware Originality. Originality in Women’s Fashion Can Lead to a Masquerade

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Simplicity is the Keynote of All True Elegance

white, clothing, dress, fashion, spring,


Caring about How You Look Has to Start in Your Heart and Soul. Beauty Products on Their Own Won’t Help

clothing, blue, yellow, thigh, leg,


It’s Impossible for a Woman to Be in a Bad Mood when She’s Wearing a Good Outfit

clothing, snapshot, dress, footwear, fashion,


Lace is One of the Most Wonderful Imitations of Nature. but Pearls Are Perfect for Every Occasion

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, dress, pattern,


At the Age of 20, a Woman Has the Face Which Nature Gave Her. at 30, She Has the Face She Made Herself. at 40, She Has the Face She Deserves

face, clothing, person, nose, black hair,


A Woman’s Hands Are Her Calling Card. Her Neck and Bust Are Her Passport

clothing, lady, beauty, muscle, footwear,


A Woman’s Age is Not Important. You Can Look Wonderful in Your Twenties, Still Be Amazing in Your Forties and Stay Fabulous for the Rest of Your Life

human action, human positions, sitting, clothing, leg,


Perfume is an Invisible but Indispensable and Unsurpassed Fashion Accessory. It Announces a Woman’s Entrance and Reminds Others of Her when She Has Left

perfume, pink, beauty, product, cosmetics,


If You’ve Ever Been Astounded by a Woman’s Beauty but You Can’t Remember What She Was Wearing, then She Was Dressed in the Perfect Outfit

hair, clothing, photography, lady, beauty,


The Best Accessory for a Woman is a Handsome Man

photograph, lady, dress, fashion, photo shoot,


Nothing Makes a Woman Look so Old as Trying Desperately Hard to Look Young

clothing, dress, gown, fashion, pattern,


’when Should I Wear Perfume?’ Young Women Ask. My Answer: ’when You Want to Be Kissed’

barechestedness, person, male, man, muscle,


A Woman Who Doesn’t Use Cosmetics Has Too High an Opinion of Herself

face, brassiere, black hair, clothing, person,


True Beauty Lasts Forever Even as One’s External Prettiness Disappears. but Women for Some Reason Strive to Stay Pretty Rather than Attempt to Become Beautiful

clothing, wedding dress, dress, bride, bridal clothing,


The Worse a Woman is Feeling, the Better She Should Look

clothing, blue, dress, fashion, outerwear,


Some People Think Luxury is the opposite of Poverty. It is Not. It is the opposite of Vulgarity

clothing, footwear, fashion, leg, spring,


If You Have Crooked Legs, Wear Something with a Low Neckline

clothing, sitting, human positions, furniture, car seat,


Those with Good Taste Wear Jewellery. Those without Settle for Gold

hair, clothing, veil, wedding dress, blond,


Don’t Try to Look Younger. No One Can Say They Are Young by the Time They’re 50. but I Still Know Many Fifty-year-olds Who Look Better than Young Women

clothing, formal wear, costume,


Be a Caterpillar during the Day and a Butterfly at Night. There is Nothing More Comfortable than a Caterpillar and Nothing More Made for Love than a Butterfly. We Need Dresses That Crawl and Dresses That Fly

hair, white, clothing, wedding dress, dress,


A Dress Might Look Good on Its Hanger, but That Doesn’t Tell You Anything. You Can Only Really Judge It when a Woman’s Wearing It, when She Moves Her Arms and Legs and Bends at the Waist

hair, clothing, lady, girl, beauty,


When Putting on Accessories, Take off the Last Thing You’ve Put on

hair, hairstyle, beauty, long hair, brown hair,


There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones

clothing, dress, fashion, supermodel, hairstyle,


A Sense of Freedom is Always Stylish

clothing, sleeve, outerwear, fashion, jacket, Now that you have had the best fashion advice from Coco Chanel, do you feel ready to conquer the world?

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