Crop Top Style Tips 📕 to Rock 🤘🏼 the Hottest 🔥 Fashion Trend 😎 ...

Don't think twice about wearing crop tops this summer. Believe it or not, crop tops look adorable on everyone, regardless of their body type or weight. It's all about putting together a fun yet comfortable outfit using your crop top. So, if you're looking for ideas on how to rock crop tops this summer, look no further.

1. If You Have Big Boobs, Beware of Underboob

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As someone with big boobs, I can definitely speak on this from personal experience, so listen up! If you have big boobs, be very careful about the crop tops you buy, especially if they're short, especially if they aren't stretchy, especially if they're boxy. Your boobs leave less fabric for your crop top below your bust line, meaning that you could put yourself at risk for showing some serious underboob (or underbra). The best way to avoid this before it's too late is by trying on a crop top and making sure you can raise your arms above your head without your boobs falling out of the bottom of the shirt. You'll save yourself from potential awkwardness in the future, trust me.

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