Crop Top Style Tips to Rock the Hottest Fashion Trend ...


Crop Top Style Tips to Rock  the Hottest Fashion Trend ...
Crop Top Style Tips to Rock  the Hottest Fashion Trend ...

Don't think twice about wearing crop tops this summer. Believe it or not, crop tops look adorable on everyone, regardless of their body type or weight. It's all about putting together a fun yet comfortable outfit using your crop top. So, if you're looking for ideas on how to rock crop tops this summer, look no further.

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If You Have Big Boobs, Beware of Underboob

clothing, lady, fashion, photo shoot, costume, As someone with big boobs, I can definitely speak on this from personal experience, so listen up! If you have big boobs, be very careful about the crop tops you buy, especially if they're short, especially if they aren't stretchy, especially if they're boxy. Your boobs leave less fabric for your crop top below your bust line, meaning that you could put yourself at risk for showing some serious underboob (or underbra). The best way to avoid this before it's too late is by trying on a crop top and making sure you can raise your arms above your head without your boobs falling out of the bottom of the shirt. You'll save yourself from potential awkwardness in the future, trust me.


Opt for Structured Crop Tops if You Want to Rock a More Formal and Sophisticated Look

clothing, pink, dress, wedding dress, fashion, Yes, a lot of crop tops are very casual, the kind of thing you'd just pair with jeans and sneakers. But there are also crop top styles that are a little more sophisticated and formal that are also worth checking out. The key to finding the perfect crop top for dressier looks is to look for tops that have a more structured fit. An easy way to find a top that is more on the structured side is to make sure that the materials don't include elastane.


When in Doubt, Pair with a High Waist Bottom

white, clothing, blue, spring, fashion, This is a flaw free go to look that will look killer on absolutely anyone, regardless of body type, personal style, etc. Whether it's high waist shorts, jeans, or skirts, pairing them with a crop top is a great way to add an interesting play of balance to your look. You literally cannot go wrong.


Remember That Not All Crop Tops Are Ultra Tummy Baring

white, clothing, sleeve, outerwear, dress, Okay, not every single crop top is ultra short. This ain't no Britney Spears photo shoot from 1999. A crop top is simply a top that lands a little north of your hips. You can rock an ultra short crop top if you'd like, but know that there are crop tops out there that are long enough to sit comfortably above high waist bottoms without showing too much skin. Play around with lengths and layering. For example, a sheer, longer style crop top can look absolutely killer when paired with high waist skinny jeans.


Be Careful about Your Crop Top's Design

clothing, photography, brown hair, photo shoot, leg, The last thing you want to do is pull down your crop top every few minutes because it keeps riding up. One of the most common culprits for this can be found in tops that are made of a stretchy material, especially at the hem. That describes one of my favorite mock neck cropped tank tops, and while I'm in too deep to let it go, it drives me nuts. Who want to dig their top out of the underside of their bra? Not me. Again, please try before you buy if you can. Move around a little bit and see if your top rides up before spending any coin on it.


Don't Assume That Any Shirt Can Be Easily Transformed into a DIY Crop Top

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, outerwear, This is a common mistake, especially now that DIYs are so ubiquitous. Sure, you can crop just any ol' top if you really wanted to, but it might not come out the way you want. For example, a lot of "women's style" shirts are much slimmer around the chest and waist than a mans/unisex style top would. So nice try capturing the DIY crop top look you see all over Instagram and Pinterest when your top is hugging your body and doesn't have that slightly loose look. To accomplish that, you'll want to opt for either a mens/unisex style top or simply a top that is a size or two bigger than you usually wear.


When it comes to creating a DIY crop top, it's important to remember that not all shirts can be easily transformed into this style. Women's style tops tend to be slimmer around the chest and waist, which won't give you the desired slightly loose look. To achieve this look, try opting for a mens/unisex style top or one that is a size or two bigger than you usually wear. Additionally, consider the fabric of the shirt you choose. A thicker fabric with some stretch will be easier to manipulate and give you a better finished look. Finally, remember to use sharp scissors when cutting to ensure you get a clean, even line.


Be Very Wary of One-Size Fits All Crop Tops

clothing, denim, fashion, outerwear, photo shoot, I've bought some one-size fits all crop tops in my day, and while I love them, they're a big gamble. Frankly, one person's crop top is another person's regular t-shirt, and another's citation for indecent exposure. Additionally, one-size style crops tend to be very loose and boxy, which can mean potential underboob awkwardness for people with big boobs if the shirt is on the shorter side. And for anyone who is petite, these style tops can just look like shapeless sacks. So don't just assume that because a one-size fits all crop top can fit on your body, it means that it's the right fit for you.

Are you ready to conquer crop top season?

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