7 Fuzzy Winter Knits ...

Winter Knits come in an array of styles, colours, and price points. This season is all about playing around with different textures, and winter knits provide a great contrast to heavier materials such as leather and tweed. This season, keep an eye out for winter knits that have fuzzy textures. Wool, mohair and cashmere-blends are perfect for creating that warm, fuzzy appearance.

1. Topshop Knitted Fluffy Stripe Jumper

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Price: $92.00 at us.topshop.com
This knitted jumper features a number of contrasting fluffy panels. The contrast of loose and tight knits creates the striped effect. This jumper is made from an alpaca and wool blend and features a high neckline and ribbed hem. Wear this jumper with burgundy coloured jeans and brogues for a cool, off-duty look.

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