7 Great Sites to Buy Sexy plus-Sized Lingerie ...

I’m officially an expert at seeking out sexy plus-sized lingerie. I am constantly Googling and researching. We fluffier girls know how hard lingerie is to find in a regular department store; and the discount stores, while they may have larger sizes, they certainly don’t do sexy. A well-made bra with great support will get you the sexiness you desire. And it’s not only bras that need good support, it’s the negligees, camisoles, a bustier, and anything else that needs to raise your "girls" and make them look good. Bottoms are a bit easier. Panties including boy shorts, thongs, and French cut all seem to fit okay as long as you’ve checked the sizing charts and the material isn’t poor quality. Take a look at my personal list of web sites to order quality sexy plus-sized lingerie.

1. Hips and Curves

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This is number 1 for a reason, and is my all time favorite web site for sexy plus-sized lingerie. The quality of anything I’ve ordered so far has been excellent. The fit is good; in fact, certain bras run larger, so you may even need a smaller size. Always check the size charts! I will say that one bra I ordered, a shelf bra, did not have the support I needed. BUT, if you know what a shelf bra is, then you can understand why. Most shelf bras from any company I’ve tried just aren’t constructed well enough for a woman with a bigger bust. Otherwise, Hips and Curves is my go-to web site!

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