7 Brilliant Outfit Ideas for Frosh Week in College ...

I think the best outfit ideas for frosh week are simple, easy and cute. No one wants to get all fussy the first week. You will be so busy meeting new people and getting to know your schedule and the school that spending hours on yourself will go down the drain. These are my outfit ideas for frosh week, but make sure to make a spin on these with a touch of your own personality and style.

1. Pair of Jeans and a Sweater

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This is one of the greatest and simplest outfit ideas for frosh week that will impress anyone. Throw on your cutest and tightest pair of dark blue jeans and pair it with a great colorful sweater. The sweater can be a tad shorter to show off your waist. DON’T do this outfit with your oldest and rattiest sweater.

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