7 Lovely Steampunk Inspired Accessories for Fall ...

If you like the look of Steampunk but do not want to commit to an entire outfit then all you need are some Steampunk inspired accessories! The retro futuristic look of a time period that never happened is mind-boggling and full of creative fun! The neutral colors and layers that are indicative of the Steampunk aesthetic are perfect for fall. Below, we have created for you a list of seven of our favorite Steampunk inspired accessories for you to consider incorporating into your own look.

1. Lively Pendant

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The CosmicFirefly Etsy shop is a Steampunk lover's dream! They have loads of wonderful handcrafted items! Our favorite is this brass and silver sand crab necklace; it is the perfect size. The design incorporates the form, reused materials, and nautical elements indicative of Steampunk. I would wear this lovely piece with nearly everything from casual denim shirts to a little black dress. The versatility in the beauty of this piece makes it number one on our list of suggestions for Steampunk inspired accessories.

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