8 Reasons to Love Rambles with Reese Jewelry ...


8 Reasons to Love Rambles with Reese Jewelry ...
8 Reasons to Love Rambles with Reese Jewelry ...

When I won the lovely Rambles with Reesejewelry giveaway over at Poppies and Sunshineblog last year, I never would have imagined the wonderful friendship that has blossomed with the handmade jewelry artist from Italy! Not only does Reese have beautiful and charming jewelry, but she has a beautiful and charming soul and heart as well. Don't just buy any accessory to go with your outfit, buy accessories that have a thoughtful and a caring touch put into them like her jewelry does. Here are 8 Reasons to Love Rambles with Reese Jewelry, I already do and I know you will...
Charming & Creative Jewelry...

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Handmade Inspiration...

Handmade Inspiration... Photo Credit

What inspired you to begin creating your own jewelry line?

My shop was inspired after moving to Italy and watching my Italian aunt, by marriage, make handmade jewellery. I learned that she used to own her own jewellery shop before she retired. I decided that it was something that I wanted to do to help supplement my income. After watching her, I began reading tutorials and watching as many videos as I could on how to make different type of pieces.


From Italy and beyond...

From Italy and beyond... Photo Credit:

Where do you find the beads and charms you use?

Generally, I buy them from the local jewellery suppliers here. However, there are often things I can't get, so I try and order from jewellery suppliers via Etsy when I can. I really believe in supporting independent sellers like myself.


Charms of Wisdom, Love, & Celebration...

Charms of Wisdom, Love, & Celebration... Photo Credit

I love that you use charms and beads that symbolize wisdom, love, energy, celebration, and transition among other things. Do you use them for their symbolism and do your customers buy them for their special meanings?

Yes, I do use them for their symbolism and the special meaning they carry but sometimes I use them because I just like them. Just recently, I had one very special customer order multiple charm bracelets for their special symbolism. She wrote to me for a custom order and I was overwhelmed by her story and so very honoured that she chose my jewellery and shop to carry this message.


Independent Woman...

Photo Credit

Do you only sell on Etsy or do you sell locally in Italy as well?

At the moment, I only sell on Etsy but I am working on an establishing an independent website in the future in addition to the Etsy shop. I'm hoping to have it ready by this Fall.
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Created with Imagination...

Created with Imagination... Photo Credit

What do you love about making jewelry that is different from what you do as your full time job?

I love the act of creating something from nothing with my hands, and using my imagination. The process of making something demands my complete attention and it requires me to be in the present moment. Teaching is my full time job and the difference between it and making jewellery is that when I'm finished making or creating something - it is tangible. I can see, touch, and feel it, and there's this satisfaction that I feel once I'm done. I can't describe it.


An Artist of Many Talents...

An Artist of Many Talents... Photo Credit

Do you have other creative projects that we will see in your shop in the future?

Yes, I also paint children's art and abstracts. My goal is to have a full collection by the fall for both categories to coincide with the launch of my website.


Modern & Simple...

Modern & Simple... Photo Credit

What are some of your favorite pieces to make?

In the beginning, I started making earrings because that's what I first learned, and once I mastered that, I wanted to make bracelets - but all types...it was really hard at first to try and focus on certain types of pieces. I've learned that successful sellers tend to focus on developing a signature design. I'm not sure that I've done that yet....however, I do love creating simple, yet modern pieces that means something special to the owner. I loved using the crystal and agate stones but I'm now drawn to the more modern minimalist pieces that I'm making now. I, especially, love making custom orders for women and children.


Just Getting Started...

(Personal Photo)

What are some of your most popular pieces?

My shop is still fairly young ...but I have to say that the crystal, jade, agate and turquoise are the most popular so far. However, I've gotten quite a few queries regarding the silver bracelets and charms in the past month.

In this last photo you will see the beautiful purple crystal owl bracelet that Rambles with Reesecustom designed for me and the gorgeous set of earrings she surprised me with for my stepdaughters! When you buy Reese's handmade creations you are not only going to love what you bought but you will love the woman behind the shop as well. She isn't just making her jewelry to sell a product, she wants to know more about the person she is making her jewerly for as she puts her love, creativity, and imagination into her work. Rambles with Reese**jewelry** is one of a kind and so is the lovely woman who creates these beautiful pieces.

When you visit the Rambles with ReeseEtsy shop remember to tell her I said hello!

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These are so gorgeous! I feel a shopping binge coming on though. Sorry, debit card. :/

Such a great post about an amazing woman...and jewelry! Reese is the sweetest! xoxo

yay for reese! :)

LUVS Reese and her rambles... ;)

Great write up and lovely blog! xo style, she wrote

want it!

Thank you so much for this awesome post Diana! You have no idea how much it means to me. xoxo Wishing you a Stupendous week! Promise to write very soon!

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