Style Inspiration to Pull from Pitch Perfect 2 ...

Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2 yet? I saw it twice within 24 hours of it premiering, because thatโ€™s just how much I loved it. While I loved it for a lot of different reasons, I often found myself distracted by the gorgeous style and fashion in the movie. If youโ€™re looking to get some style inspiration from the Bellas and Co., look no further than this list!

1. Gailโ€™s Earrings

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Gailโ€™s earrings in this movie are almost a bigger scene-stealer than her hilarious one-liners. If you want to make a statement with bright earrings, try stealing some style inspiration from her. I loved them so much that I tweeted the costume designer and asked where he got them, and he told me that they came from J.Crew! Donโ€™t you love when your favorite pieces are somewhat attainable?

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