7 Summer-Perfect Printed Maxi Skirts under $50 ...

Printed maxi skirts under $50 are a trendy, wallet-friendly way to perfect your easy, breezy summer wardrobe. They’re virtually gust-proof (no showing off your undies!) and go with everything from vintage tees to boho blouses to the tanks you stole/borrowed from your beau. Whether you’re up for sweet stripes or flirty florals (or one of our gorgeous other options), these maxi skirts under $50 will take you through the season in style!

1. Asymmetrical Stripe Maxi Skirt

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One of my favorite maxi skirts under $50 is this classic striped number. Wear it with a V-neck tee, oversized tote, and flip flops for a weekend getaway with your BFFs. Or, rock it on a casual Friday at the office with a button front top and wedge sandals. Either way, you’ll look utterly chic! Buy this maxi now on CharlotteRusse.com for $22.99.

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