20 Things Women Wear That Men Hate ...

By Carly

20 Things Women Wear That Men Hate ...

On the whole, it is my belief that women dress for themselves more than they dress to impress peers and love interests, but there is no denying that we all have our moments when our primary goal is to catch someone’s attention in an exciting and romantic way! It is for these life moments that you need to know that there are definitely a few things that guys don’t like. Here are 20 things women wear that men hate!

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Bold Floral Prints

Clothing, Beauty, Red, Lady, Pink, They might look sophisticated and summery to us, but the truth is that most men associate big floral prints with old ladies and women in their family like their mother and their grandmothers!



White, Photograph, Beauty, Leg, Snapshot, Guys don’t really get jumpsuits; they see them as kind of stylised work clothes or boiler suits, even if they do help to show off your natural curves!



Blue, Yellow, Clothing, Electric blue, Cobalt blue, This is a trend that very much pays homage to the past, and guys don’t tend to enjoy traditional fashion references; they instead just see them as old fashioned.


Floppy Hats

Clothing, Blond, Shoulder, Beauty, Lady, Floppy hats are another fashion trend that evoke a more old fashioned image in a guy’s mind. They don’t tend to understand nods to the 20s and 30s.


Open Side Shirts

Eyewear, Sunglasses, Shoulder, Glasses, Cool, Let’s be honest, open-sided shirts aren’t a great look on men or women; it’s not the sexiest sight in the world to see someone’s bare middle and nothing else!

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White, Photograph, Clothing, Lady, Beauty, Platform shoes might give you a feeling of girl power, but in a guy’s mind, heels and stilettos are much sexier!


Wedge Sneakers

Pink, Footwear, Shoe, Again, these might have worked for the Spice Girls, but men really don’t understand that kind of fashion and wedge sneakers just look weird to them!


Ultra Heels

Human leg, Footwear, Leg, Clothing, Ankle, But in the same breath, you don’t want to overdo it with the height of your heels. Guy’s don’t always love it when their date is taller than them!


Pointy Toed Shoes

Leg, Finger, Design, Pattern, Arm, Shoes that boast super pointy toes tend to remind guys of strict, nasty teachers that they might have had in their youth!



Jewellery, Bangle, Fashion accessory, Gold, Bracelet, Wearing more than one bangle on your wrist can annoy a guy who isn’t accustomed to the jangling sound that always occurs.


High Waisted Clothes

Clothing, Street fashion, Fashion, Jeans, Automotive design, High waisted bottoms can be very high fashion, but they can also mess with perception of your natural curves which can be confusing to a guy who doesn’t care about couture!


Mullet Dresses

Clothing, Street fashion, Fashion, Jeans, Automotive design, In a guy’s mind, why would you show off the front of your legs if you didn’t want to show off the back of them too?



Clothing, Jeans, Street fashion, Denim, Cobalt blue, Not all guys like the tomboy look. It can sometimes put them off if you turn for a date wearing pretty much the same as they are!


Neon Makeup

Face, Lip, Red, Eyebrow, Orange, We love a bit of 80s homage, but guys tend to find neon makeup looks a little bit over the top.


Maxi Dresses

Clothing, Dress, Pink, Shoulder, Fashion, A guy who is interested in you wants to be able to see your curves, so a maxi dress is definitely his worst enemy!


Granny Chic

Clothing, White, Street fashion, Fur, Fashion, Granny chic is basically lots of loose knits and wool, but I think you might be able to understand that anything named after a granny might not be a favourite of a guy who is trying to get into your pants!



Street fashion, White, Photograph, Clothing, Fashion, Blazers are awesome for the office, but sometimes wearing one out on a date can make the guy feel like you are still in a professional mood rather than fun mood.


Shoulder Pads

Clothing, Outerwear, Blazer, Plaid, Suit, Again, shoulder pads might be back in fashion, but for most guys they still evoke memories of their mothers and grannies!


Hipster Excess

Yellow, Selfie, Design, Photography, Headgear, Guys enjoy a little bit of quirkiness, but they don’t often enjoy it if you go full blown hipster on them!



Clothing, Fashion model, Lady, Fashion, Dress, Try to tone it down a little bit when it comes to the full glamour look. You don’t want your man to think that you look more like a drag queen than yourself!

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