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You wouldn't want to live during the 1800s, because of the discrimination between genders and races, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't steal styles from the time period. Think about Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. Don't you think they had an interesting type of fashion? While you don't want to wear exactly what they wore back in the day, here are a few different aspects of fashion to steal from the Victorian Era:

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Wear a Corset as a Shirt

Wear a Corset as a Shirt In the Victorian Era, women wore corsets underneath their clothes as a medieval type of Spanx. However, nowadays, you should try wearing a corset as a shirt. There are plenty of cute ones that you can buy at the mall, and there are even dresses that have corset tops. They're super fashionable and not nearly as uncomfortable as they appear.


Wear a Waistcoat

Wear a Waistcoat Men were the ones who wore these during the Victorian Era, but now we should be the ones wearing them. A waistcoat will look professional at the office and stylish on a date. They're the perfect item for any time or place.


Wear a Wider Skirt than Usual

Wear a Wider Skirt than Usual You probably won't wear a skirt as wide as they did back in the Victorian Era, but you can still wear one that's wider than a typical modern skirt. Instead of slipping into a tight miniskirt, try wearing something with more material that poofs out a bit.


Wear a Shirt with a High Collar

Wear a Shirt with a High Collar You don't always have to wear low-cut shirts, you know. Your chest can look just as sexy when it's covered up with a tight shirt that has a high collar. Besides, it'll make you look more sophisticated, so it's the perfect thing to wear at a job interview or when meeting your mate's parents.


Wear a Shirt with Puffy Sleeves

Wear a Shirt with Puffy Sleeves Your clothes don't all have to be tight against your skin. You can buy a shirt with puffy sleeves that'll draw attention to your arms. They're especially helpful for women who aren't happy with the size of their arms. Besides, it's something that you don't see everyday, so everyone will notice your unique style. Of course, once you set the trend, soon everyone will be wearing it.


Wear a Tea Gown

Wear a Tea Gown There are some pretty gorgeous tea gowns out there. They might not work well when you're going out on a date, but they're perfect for the next time you're invited to a wedding. That way, you'll appear elegant, but you won't take too much attention away from the bride. Everybody wins.


Wear More Ruffles

Wear More Ruffles It's time for ruffles to make a comeback! If you're not the biggest fan of the look, you don't have to buy a shirt that's filled with them. You can invest in something with just a little bit of ruffles around the neckline. Not only will it give your outfit some flare, but it'll give your chest the illusion of being bigger.

The fashions from the 1800s weren't all bad. While you wouldn't want to look like you stepped out of a history book, you can put a twist on some of the trends that existed back in the day. What's your favorite type of fashion from the Victorian Era?

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I love wearing corsets as a shirt/top, especially when I go out. They're one of my fashion obsessions.

#6 is so pretty

The hair, those lace blouses, those skirts, the jewels, I would wear Victorian clothes every single day, but I'm afraid I would look a little ridiculous!

I live the skirt in #3 and the dress in #6

Waistcoats are perfect for extra warmth in cold weather. Wine skirts re more flattering than clingy shapes and don't forget the diamonds ! It was the hayday for them !

Just as long as the Tea Gown isn't white or ivory.

So cute! I have a waist coat in my closet that I got from a thrift shop but I haven't worn it yet. Maybe I'll try to work it in

I'm a big fan of wide skirts! They are comfortable and fashionable

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