Fashionista Secrets 🔒 to Achieving ✅ the Minimalist-Chic 👌🏼 Style ...

The minimalist-chic style is a popular trend that really isn't a trend at all.

At the core, minimalist-chic is classic, simple, and focuses on quality and texture.

It's effortless street-style that's simple and elegant.

Ideally, the minimalist aspect means everything in your closet pairs with everything else and you always have an awesome outfit.

Stick to a color scheme and go from there!

Keep reading for some easy tips on how to achieve this style.

1. Go for "undone" Rather than Done-up

Go for "undone" Rather than Done-up

Truly fashionable people look effortless in their style and this rings true for the minimalist-chic style.

Textured waves, rather than tight curls, and minimal makeup.

For wardrobe choices, pairing casual with more formal is key to looking chic and effortlessly "undone".

Limit Accessories