Styling Tips for Pear Shaped Ladies to Embrace Their Booty ...


Styling Tips for Pear Shaped Ladies to Embrace Their Booty ...
Styling Tips for Pear Shaped Ladies to Embrace Their Booty ...

Pear shaped girls have their struggles with fashion just like any other body shape. Usually girls with a pear shaped body want to know some tricks to help them call attention to their upper body while minimizing their backside. These tricks can help you with that. But it’s also important to love your body and all it’s uniqueness, no matter the body shape.

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Statement Jewelry is Meant for You

hair, human hair color, photo shoot, hairstyle, long hair, If you want to keep attention on your face then use this fashion accessory. Statement jewelry is perfect for putting the focus where it belongs, on your face. People can’t help but notice a dazzling necklace or long chandelier earrings. Not to mention, statement jewelry is very trendy right now so you’ll be on top of your game when it comes to style!


Try a Different Neckline

pink, beauty, fashion model, lady, shoulder, The pear shaped body is larger at the bottom than it is at the top. You can make your proportions seem more equal by changing the neckline of your tops. Boat necklines and scoop necklines both give the illusion of broader shoulders. In fact, you’ll probably find that boat necklines are the most flattering neckline of all for your body shape. Necklines to avoid are round or those cut into a v.


Shop for Tops with Bell Sleeves

clothing, jeans, denim, shoulder, joint, To achieve balance in your body shape, you want to add volume to the top and slim the bottom. One way to do that is to choose tops that have bell sleeves. They give the illusion of more volume on top. Not only does this level things out but it pulls the focus off your booty. Another type of top to consider is the very trendy kimonos that seem to be everywhere. They’re usually sheer so they can be worn in practically any season with the right layering.


Wear Bright on Top and Dark on Bottom

clothing, shoulder, fashion model, sleeve, swimwear, Wearing dark colors to slim your body is one of the oldest fashion tricks in the book. And it’s still talked about because it still works! If you don’t want the attention on your bottom half, wear dark colors in skirts, slacks or shorts. Keep your bright colors up top. This shifts the focus to your beautiful face.


Skip Skinny Jeans

jeans, clothing, denim, shoulder, joint, Skinny jeans can be good and bad. They’re cute but they really show off every curve of your lower half. If you’re feeling confident about your booty (and you have every reason to be) then go for it! But if you prefer not to put all the attention on your curves then try some other styles of jeans. Trouser style jeans are especially great because they offer a straight line down so that everything streamlines.


Dusters and Tunics Are Your Friend

clothing, yellow, footwear, fashion model, outerwear, You’re lucky here, pear shaped girls. Dusters and tunics don’t work well for everyone but they were made for you. They give you a straighter line down, without taking all your curves away. You can show off your big booty in the best way. These styles cling just enough to give your curves a delightful finish.


Don’t Skip Your Squats

swimwear, black hair, undergarment, leg, long hair, Lastly, if your booty is going to be on display, make it the best it can be! Be proud of what you’ve got. Having a big booty is actually in right now and many girls will envy you for it. Squats and other exercises will make sure you’re rocking it back there. Don’t forget that a nice booty is many times what guys notice first about a woman!

These’re 7 tips to help you embrace your booty. Are you a pear shaped girl? What fashion tips do you use?

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