17 Trendy Ways to Wear Dresses and Sneakers Together and Look Good ...


17 Trendy Ways to Wear Dresses and Sneakers Together and Look Good ...
17 Trendy Ways to Wear Dresses and Sneakers Together and Look Good ...

Dresses and sneakers go together like peanut butter and bananas – they don't create quite the combination you expect, but the results are amazing all the same. Thanks to luxe athletic trend, plenty of fashionistas are pairing their favorite dresses with cool kicks. There's no reason to walk around in skyscraper heels or uncomfortable sandals just because you happen to be rocking a fierce frock. Take some style inspo from these daring darlings who know how to combine their stylish sneakers with their most stunning dresses.

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With an LBD

clothing,footwear,dress,jogging,fashion, You can't get much more fashionable than the timeless little black dress. Coupling your LBD with a stylish pair of sneaks turns it into something else entirely.


Effortlessly Casual

clothing,blue,dress,footwear,spring, The simple but chic dress, the bright white sneakers – this is a study in casual perfection.


Continuing the look, pairing a lightweight, flowy dress with classic low-tops exudes a cool-girl vibe that's both effortless and approachable. Opt for sneakers with a slim silhouette to keep the outfit looking balanced. Accessorize with minimalist jewelry and a denim jacket thrown over your shoulders for those slightly chillier spring evenings. The key is in mixing softer dress fabrics with the more urban feel of the sneakers, creating an ensemble that's stylish without trying too hard. It's the perfect go-to for a brunch with friends or a casual day out in the city.


Polka Dots and Converse

clothing,footwear,dress,fashion,pattern, Converse sneakers make any outfit look ten times better, but this right here? This is a match made in heaven.


Low-key Chic

clothing,footwear,beauty,fashion,leg, This is athleisure at its finest, with a more glamorous take that's all down to the dress. This is also an excellent example of how to layer in warmer weather.


This ensemble effortlessly marries comfort with sophistication. Start with a sleek slip dress – its simplicity is perfect for those who covet minimalist style. Opt for sneakers with a subtle sheen or classic white trainers to keep the look understated yet polished. Layering with a light kimono or a casual denim jacket adds texture without overpowering the outfit. It's the ideal go-to for brunch or a casual evening out, demonstrating that elegance doesn't have to be complicated. With the right accessories – think delicate jewelry and a cross-body bag – you'll achieve a harmonious balance that screams chic.


Athleisure Attack

clothing,footwear,dress,outerwear,little black dress, Speaking of athleisure, I am all over this. There are all sorts of ways to dress all in black – this is just one of them.


Stripes and Solids and Spots

white,clothing,footwear,fashion,spring, A striped dress, solid shoes, and a spotted dog … there's nothing about this picture that I don't love.


Who said patterns clash? This ensemble redefines effortless chic with its playful yet sophisticated harmony of prints and textures. The stripes on the dress elongate your figure, and when paired with solid-colored sneakers, it creates a grounding effect that balances the outfit. Don't forget your spotted furry friend who unintentionally adds to the style quotient. It's all about mixing and matching— ensuring each piece complements the other, without overwhelming your look. This combo is perfect for a weekend brunch or a casual stroll in the park. Keep the accessories minimal and let the patterns do the talking.


Purple for Days

clothing,human positions,sitting,lady,footwear, I love those purple sneakers. I need those purple sneakers. I need that skirt, too. Also, I really wish my legs were that long.


Pop of Color

white,clothing,pink,dress,yellow, This look is so stunning! The dress is dainty and feminine, but those bright red shoes are fierce.


Match Made in Heaven

clothing,footwear,fashion,street,outerwear, That's a whole lot of fringe, but I'm loving the coat and the way it complements those stunning, studded sneakers.


Accent Sneakers

dress,clothing,red,pink,lady, The dress itself is simple and lovely, making the shoes stand out that much more. Win!


When you pair your classic dress with a set of statement sneakers, you elevate the style game instantly. Bold colors or unexpected patterns on your kicks can transform a simple outfit into an eye-catching ensemble. Remember that less is more when it comes to accessorizing—let your shoes do the talking! Whether you’re rocking a casual day look or going for an edgier vibe for a night out, your accent sneakers will keep your outfit on point and decidedly modern. So next time, skip the heels and give your sneakers a chance to shine.


Maximum Maxi

color,white,road,clothing,human positions, Now this is how to wear a maxi dress. A bright pair of shoes with a long, solid-colored maxi will always look phenomenal.


Effortlessly Cool

human positions,sitting,design, Look at her. She doesn't even care if you like her outfit. She likes her outfit.


Perfectly Polished

clothing,footwear,fashion,dress,shoe, This is more than an outfit. This is an Ensemble – capital E.


Streetstyle Chic

clothing,footwear,red,dress,fashion, All right, so this is a skirt and top, not a dress, but still. Those statement sneakers perfectly complement her kick ass Nirvana tee.


The Perfect Summer Outfit

clothing,footwear,dress,little black dress,spring, Easy. Effortless. Chic. Stylish. This is everything you want in the summertime.


Retro Love

clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,spring, Oh, I am in love with this dress! The shoes keep it from being too much but don't take away from how fabulous it is.


Pretty as a Picture

clothing,dress,footwear,spring,fashion, I told you. Converse sneakers make every outfit better.

Are you on board with dresses and sneakers, or is that a little too casual for you?

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I'm an old lady....and sneakers (or athletic shoes) with skirts and dresses are amazing! Comfortable, versatile, and protective of your feet. Dress it up. Play with it. Make the shoes the center of what you're wearing! Dynamite!


I've never done it with a dress, but a nice (not beat to hell) pair of chucks does look cute with a little flippy skirt... and is so much more comfortable than wearing shorts... or cute sandals!

I agree with Magda! It looks terrible

cute, but not the literal athletic shoes with a dress

Sorry but for me that should never go together

So cute! Right up my alley

Sometimes I don't want to wear heels or wedges with my dresses especially when they are on the shorter side so I just throw on a pair of clean white sneakers,looks cute and chic why not right?

@Pat M I am with you- best of both worlds for many of us older fashionables!

I'll be doing this!

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