9 Staple Clothing Items for Fall That Your Wardrobe is Incomplete without ...


There are a few staple clothing items for fall that you should not be without.

Some are classic items, while others can become signature pieces.

These pieces are not just meant to keep you warm and cozy, but to keep you looking amazing!

Here are 9 staple clothing items for fall you don’t want to be without.2

1. Scarf


The first of all the staple clothing items for fall is of course the scarf!

For me, fall is synonymous with the scarf.

There are so many different ways to style your wardrobe with it.

Thick scarves, patterned scarves, single colored scarves, oh my!

There are countless varieties to fit your needs!

Choose one scarf that can go with anything, and pick another that will add an extra edge to your wardrobe.

2. Boots


Can you say fall without boots?


Colder weathers warrant boots, not just for style, but as a necessity.

When the rain (or snow!) starts kicking in, wearing flats or tennis shoes isn’t practical anymore.

Boots can also make an outfit outstanding.

I love wearing brown knee length riding boots, but I also have a pair of short black biker boots.

Two different boots for two different occasions!

See what works for you.

3. Coat


Oh, the coat!

Not only does a good coat keep you warm during the fall and winter, but it can be a statement piece as well.2

My bright yellow coat stands out in a crowd and makes me feel cheery on a gloomy day.2

Fall just isn’t complete without a warm coat!

4. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

On the days you want to feel fierce and tough, leather jackets are amazing.

Paired with jeans and biker boots, a scarf and a beanie, you’ve got a whole look complete!

If real leather isn’t your thing, check out pleather.

It’s usually more affordable and animal-friendly!

I find my pleather jacket great on days I don’t need a full on coat.

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