7 Tips for Wearing the Tuxedo Trend ...


Knowing how to wear tuxedo trend styles will have you at the top of your fashion game this season.

The female tuxedo was seen on various designer runways and is reminiscent of the ever-so-stylish Le Smoking look by Yves Saint Laurent.

Itโ€™s a look thatโ€™s been adopted by many celebrities on the red carpet and is a great alternative to the cocktail dress for on-trend eveningwear.

Want to know how to wear the tuxedo trend in an extremely modern manner?

Read on to find out!

1. Keep It Fitted

Keep It Fitted

The tuxedo trend is all about embracing tailored looks, so make sure that when youโ€™re pulling off the tuxedo trend that all your pieces are well fitted.2

When looking at how to wear tuxedo trend clothing, go for slim cut trousers and fitted blazers to really make this look work.

2. Stick to Separates

Stick to Separates

If youโ€™re not keen on an all-out tuxedo look, stick to separates instead.

Pair a chic white tuxedo blazer with black leather trousers or a floaty chiffon dress.

Alternatively, team some tuxedo trousers with a silky blouse and layered necklaces for a stylish look.

3. Wear Heels

Wear Heels

Vamp up your basic tuxedo with a killer stiletto heel.

When it comes to how to wear the tuxedo trend, a heeled shoe will add a feminine touch and make the tuxedo look much more glamorous.

An almond toe or pointed pump is timeless whereas a strappy heel can be much more modern.

4. Make It Monochrome

Make It Monochrome

Tuxedos look extra sleek when worn in a monochrome colour palette.

Black on black is foolproof but if youโ€™re feeling adventurous a white on white tuxedo can look fresh and stylish.

Just be sure not to spill any food on a white tuxedo otherwise the dry cleaning bill might leave you way out of pocket!

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