7 Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt ...


What do Fashionistas love?

Pencil skirts, for they compliment your figure and give you the appearance of height.

They display a woman’s confidence and femininity.

Pencil skirts are a way for a woman’s imagination to experiment with a variety of styles.

Celebrities and fashion magazines constantly showcase an array of skirts in a plethora of fabrics, prints, textures and colors.

Get on top of this fashion trend and learn ways to wear a pencil skirt to look fabulous.

1. Striking Designs

Striking Designs

Forget the grays and blacks;

go for pencil skirts with colorful, attractive prints.

Pair a beautiful print design with a solid blouse and heels;

add a few color-coordinated accessories.

Your look will give you the upscale effect that attracts admiring glances.

You have the choice of flowers, abstracts and if you’re feeling the jungle-fever, try animal print pencil skirts.

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