7 Basic Fashion Essentials to Have by Mid Thirties ...

Basic fashion essentials are those great pieces that are a bit more classic, a bit more neutral, and a bit finer looking. They some how accidentally or on purpose find a way into our closet and end up spending a few amazing years in it (or, usually out of it), helping us look great on daily basis! These fashionable staple pieces are worth collecting and spending a bit more cash on as well. They are more than just a current fashion craze and usually end up being loved until they get too threadbare to wear! Well, I’m not sure how far you have gotten with your list of must-haves, but here’s a list you simply must check out to make sure no basic fashion essential gets forgotten!

1. Figure Flattering Chinos

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First on my list of basic fashion essentials you’re sure to discover and fall in love with sooner or later are, of course, chinos. Most classic, but at the same time most versatile pair of pants a woman can have! No need to make stocking up on these your personal goal - one really great pair will do. When purchased wisely and selected with care they will literally last you YEARS and help you put together tons of different outfits! Wear them belted (go for a fancy belt) with a classy top, great pumps, clutch, and a cardigan for a professional chic look. Or roll the legs a bit, throw on a bit more casual yet girly top, and hop into your favorite ballet flats or loafers in case you need to look casual but have no interest in losing your trademarked “well put together” look. You can also experiment with blazers of different colors and styles, as there are tons of looks you can go for once you obtain a pair of these wonderfully versatile babies!

Shopping Tip: Invest in a pair of By Malene Birger chino style pants and you’ll be covered for a decade! They do cost quite a pretty penny in season, but you can always choose a last season’s model and take advantage of both fantastic quality and fantastic price!

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