24 Beautiful Dresses for Graduation Season ...


24 Beautiful Dresses for Graduation Season ...
24 Beautiful Dresses for Graduation Season ...

It can be hard to come up with unique fashion ideas around graduation season. You already have so much going on, it's hard to find time to plan cute outfits. If you're looking for help with fashion this graduation season, these dresses are sure to give you some ideas!

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Long Sleeve Lace

wedding dress,clothing,dress,bridal clothing,gown, Source: Enchanted with Elegance Dress
If you're looking for something breezy but want long sleeves, this lace number is definitely the way to go!


Deep Blue with Sparkle

dress,blue,clothing,woman,bridal party dress, Source: Blue Dress With Collar
If you want to incorporate your school colors, I think that this is a very common color in school colors. I also love the sparkly collar.


Periwinkle Number

clothing,dress,supermodel,brown hair,photo shoot, I always tell girls not to stress about their graduation look too much because it will be covered by a gown. If you're in that camp as well, try an understated dress like this!


For the Country Girls

people,girl,child,spring,model, Source: 47 Brilliant Tips To Getting
If you're a country girl at heart, wear a dress like this with your own little secret on the soles of your shoes- your graduation year!


Cut Outs

dress,clothing,wedding dress,bridal clothing,gown, Source: White Dress with Cross Open
Some schools might have an issue with wearing a dress with cutouts to graduation, but honestly, if your gown is covering it, I say go for it!


Floral Dress

dress,clothing,pink,sleeve,gown, Source: Sleeveless Mesh Top Flared Skater
Floral dresses are everywhere at graduation. In fact, I wore one to my own graduation. However, this black netting at the top adds a little twist.


Vintage Jacquard

clothing,dress,pink,sleeve,art, Source: Vintage Jacquard Printed Sleeveless
I love the texture in this dress. It's so unique.



clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Source: Chloe- An all time Pinterest
A lot of girls want to wear a maxi dress or a high-low dress without realizing that it might be visible under the gown. This high-low looks short enough that you should be good, but it's so important to check before buying anything!


Classic Black and White

dress,clothing,pink,pattern,cocktail dress, Source: 15 Pretty Perfect Summer Wedding
This classic black and white dress is stunning.


Scalloped Edges

clothing,dress,leg,fashion,supermodel, Source: Bqueen Bud Deep V-neck Embroidered
This dress seems so simple but the scalloped edges make you stand out.


High-Low Drama

white,clothing,dress,woman,wedding dress, Source: Fairytale Collection Shop White High
I think that the flounce in this skirt is so beautiful and dramatic.


Stunning Back

dress,clothing,pink,cocktail dress,gown, Source: Pink Dress with Beaded Back
Who needs jewelry when the back of your dress is this gorgeous?


Flirty but Sophisticated

clothing,dress,footwear,spring,fashion, Source: Show me your Little White
This dress is so cute and flirty but the clean lines of it make it seem so sophisticated!


Blue and White

dress,clothing,little black dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Source: ebay.com
Again, this dress may be perfect if you want to represent your school colors. However, when there are big pieces like this on your dress, try your gown on over it first to make sure there aren't any weird protuberances.


Blue Floral Dress

clothing,dress,blue,gown,pattern, Source: How to Accessorize Bridesmaid Dresses
I love the aqua color of the flowers!


Nearly Backless

clothing,undergarment,dress,costume,abdomen, Source: Art Symphony: Graduation Dresses
Let's face it. Graduation gets hot. This backless number will help keep you cool when everyone else is sweating in their gowns in your high school gym!


Bright Dress

clothing,dress,cocktail dress,sleeve,spring, Source: A-line Striped Bustier Sleeveless Party
Who doesn't love bright colors in the spring? This is perfect for that.


Paisley Dress

clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,fashion, Source: Xenia Boutique | Xenia Boutique
I love how detailed this paisley dress.


Simple Girly Dress

white,dress,clothing,wedding dress,sleeve, Source: Sparkle & Fade Strappy Chiffon
This simple, girly dress is so pretty and ethereal. It's perfect for graduation.


Bright Red

dress,clothing,day dress,sleeve,red, Source: LULUS Exclusive Tip the Scallops
You can't go wrong in red!


Purple Crossback

dress,clothing,day dress,purple,bridal party dress, Source: 100 Celebration-Ready Graduation Dresses
This is such a unique shade of purple.


Lilac Dress

clothing,day dress,blue,dress,electric blue, Source: Just a Twirl Lavender Dress
I love the color and the three quarters-length sleeves!


Get a Little Fancier

dress,clothing,day dress,cocktail dress,bridal party dress, Source: Bariano Sabina Beige Sequin Dress
If your ceremony is a little fancier, try this short, sequined dress!


Crochet Shift Dress

dress,clothing,wedding dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Source: daintyhooligan.com
This dress is so simple yet so beautiful!

What is your go-to during this graduation season? I want to hear about all of your fashion plans!

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Maxi dresses are a def no no

the scalloped edges and the white dress are the same

#7 is absolutely gorgeous!!!

#9 was just plain beauty

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