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Evening Cocktail Dresses Sexy Chicks like You Deserve ...

By Taylor

I think I can speak for most of us girls when I say that trying to find the perfect cocktail dress for that 'special night out' can be, (at times), next to impossible. Shopping for something classy, yet sexy, and for something that fits you in all the right places. Below are just a handful of beautiful, fun, and elegant dresses for that night out on the town.

1 1920's Themed Vintage Dress

dress,day dress,clothing,sleeve,cocktail dress,The colors in this cocktail dress are perfect for any night out on the town! The beading and fringe are very classy yet fun.
Source: Vintage Style 1920s Flapper Dresses

2 Black Lace

dress,clothing,black,gown,wedding dress,This black, simple dress is perfect if you want to go on the more "girly-girl" side. The lace detail is gorgeous!
Source: Vintage Gold Thread Hollow Out


dress,clothing,green,day dress,sleeve,Nothing says "sexy" like this dress. I'm obsessed with this color!
Source: 20 Gorgeous Short Cocktail Dresses

4 Gold Accents

dress,clothing,black,gown,sleeve,Source: CLOTHES | Shop Trendy Unique

5 Gorgeous Lace Cocktail Dress: Essentially a Bombshell Dress

clothing,dress,wedding dress,supermodel,bridal clothing,This pattern is so different and the style is to die for!
Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic

6 Detail Detail Detail

dress,clothing,cocktail dress,sleeve,little black dress,Source: Search: chi - Page 1

7 Ruby Red Lace

clothing,dress,fashion,cocktail dress,model,Red can be so risky when it comes to dresses but this dress is GORGEOUS--she rocks it!
Source: BuyerSelect Cocktail Dresses | Designer

8 Summer Evening

white,clothing,outerwear,sleeve,dress,Perfect for those Summer nights. The shoes with this dress is genius.
Source: fashforfashion -♛ STYLE INSPIRATIONS♛

10 Black Lace

clothing,dress,sleeve,cocktail dress,fashion,Source: Elegant Cocktail Mini Dress

11 Gold Belted Wrap

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,leg,neck,Source: White Belted Wrap Plunging V

12 Silver Sequins

clothing,dress,sleeve,neck,t shirt,Source: Dress: sequin neutral silver sleeveless

13 The Perfect Summer Dress

clothing,blue,dress,sleeve,pattern,Source: Dress for the Tropics, for

14 Cross/open Back

active undergarment,clothing,undergarment,girdle,brassiere,I am obsessed with this dress for the Summer. The color and style are perfect for the season.
Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic

16 Classy "little Black Dress"

dress,hair,clothing,lady,hairstyle,Love the detailing in this one.

17 Simple and Sweet

hair,photograph,clothing,human positions,woman,Sometimes the most simple dress with an incredible pair of heels can leave the biggest fashion statement.
Source: Black dress, printed pumps, up-do

18 Floral Skate Dress

clothing,dress,pink,costume,cocktail dress,The colors in this cocktail dress are so fun and ideal for Summer!
Source: Multi Floral Camis Skate Dress

Kitty looks navy......

19 Elegant Open Back

hair,clothing,thigh,dress,lady,Source: Chevron Print Cocktail Dress


clothing,swimwear,pink,dress,photo shoot,Another fun one for the Summer.
Source: Found: Low Calorie Meals That

21 All White

clothing,sleeve,hairstyle,dress,brown hair,Source: 51 Beautiful City Hall Wedding

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