11 Fabulous Steampunk Fashion Elements That We Love ...

It is no secret that I love Steampunk fashion elements! They are a fascinating mix of feminine, futuristic, retro-Victorian, and western elements. The product is mind-bogglingly wonderful Steampunk outfit. I have broken down an entire outfit into a list of essential Steampunk fashion elements. Add any of these pieces to your daily attire for everyday Steampunk essence.

1. Cute Hat

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Hats are one of the best Steampunk fashion elements. Steampunk hats range from dainty little fascinator type adornments to full on top hats! They are always multi-layered and proper. I love them! My favorite is a feminine top hat complete with brass gears and lace. Wearing a hat is great in nearly any type of weather. Wear it while in transition to and from the office!

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