Get the Max out of Your Spring with These Maxi Skirts Dresses ...

By Jennifer

Get the Max out of Your Spring with These Maxi Skirts  Dresses ...

Yep, they're still totes on-trend, and yep, there are loads of very valid reasons why — so scroll through these marvelous maxis and pick one (or three!) to add to your closet this spring!

1 Fun Floral

clothing,dress,orange,gown,pattern, Source: Maxi Dress

2 Coral + Denim

clothing,orange,sleeve,outerwear,leather, Source: 25 Maxi Dress Outfits Polyvore

3 Chevron Bliss

clothing,day dress,sleeve,dress,pattern, Source: Chevron Maxi Dress - Bliss

4 Little Black (Maxi) Dress

clothing,denim,sleeve,leather,textile, Source: Black maxi dress outfit

5 Wonderful Watercolors

clothing,handbag,sleeve,pattern,spring, Source: 25 Maxi Dress Outfits Polyvore

6 Soft Floral Print

clothing,footwear,product,spring,dress, Source: Floral Print

7 Coral + Brown

clothing,orange,dress,product,gown, Source: Look del giorno - Look

8 Slouchy & Strapless

clothing,bag,handbag,footwear,spring, Source: "Beige Maxi Dress" by uniqueimage

9 Beautiful Blue Hue

clothing,blue,cobalt blue,product,bag, Source: Float Away

10 Date-night Wow!

dress,clothing,day dress,gown,cocktail dress, Source: 10 Spring Fashion Outfits

11 Travel-Ready

clothing,sleeve,product,dress,abdomen, Source: neutrals maxi

12 Mom Might like It...

10 Deep,clothing,sleeve,dress,outerwear, Source: maxi

13 Flaunt Your Curves

clothing,day dress,dress,gown,cocktail dress, Source: Aphrodite Revisited

14 Coral Pop

clothing,day dress,dress,pattern,sleeve, Source: Cute Outfit Ideas of the

15 Bella for Coachella

clothing,sleeve,denim,pattern,outerwear, Source: Boho Chic: Summer

16 With a Cropped Blazer

clothing,dress,spring,footwear,product, Source: Modest and Chic

17 Yummy Yellow

clothing,yellow,dress,outerwear,blouse, Source: 25 Maxi Dress Outfits Polyvore

18 Wonderful White Blazer!

clothing,sleeve,dress,formal wear,gown, Source: Cute Outfit Ideas of the

19 Wide Stripes

bag,clothing,handbag,pattern,fashion accessory, Source: 35 Pretty Maxi Skirt Outfits

20 Fancy!

clothing,red,dress,footwear,outerwear, Source: 25 Maxi Dress Outfits Polyvore

21 Black & White + Pink = LOVE!

clothing,pink,dress,sleeve,product, Source: 25 Maxi Dress Outfits Polyvore

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Love numbers 1 & 5!

I have to say I am not a fan of maxi dresses/skirts however I must admit some of these were really cute

i love maxi dresses, they look so cute

I have #2 and number #5

Never understood how maxis were comfortable. I feel like they would be unbearably hot

Like #4

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