20 Cult Fashion Items ...

Cult fashion items are those that seem to really take on a life of their own. Theyโ€™re the items that quickly gain โ€˜must haveโ€™ status and become easily recognisable. They work their way into the fashion zeitgeist and are so sought after that they spawn a thousand knock-offs. From the wardrobe must haves to newer items that have gained a cult following, take a look at the following list of cult fashion items.

1. Little Black Dress

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While the Chanel brand is often attributed with popularising the little black dress (LBD), these days you can buy an LBD to suit all styles and budgets. Itโ€™s a wardrobe staple and the appeal is that its simplicity will never date. If there was ever a wardrobe must have, the LBD is it.

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