Warning Signs 🚨 You're Wearing the Wrong πŸ‘Ž Bra Size πŸ‘™ ...

Did you know there are signs you're wearing the wrong bra size? Ask any women what the most annoying and frustrating part of her wardrobe is, and you can almost guarantee that she will talk about her bra issues! From the moment that we go to the store to purchase our very first one, bras do nothing but cause us annoyance and frustration. And it is just another of those things that women suffer that men don’t. However, it really doesn’t have to be like this! Nearly all of the problems that you tend to have with your bra is down to one simple reason - you are wearing the wrong size! Here are some of the tell-tale signs you're wearing the wrong bra size.

1. Falling Straps

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If your straps are always sliding down, that's one of the biggest signs you're wearing the wrong bra size. The straps of your bra need to be sitting flush and flat on your shoulders. If they fall down constantly during the day, it means that you need to adjust them, and if they still fall, you might want to think about going down a band size.

2. Four Boobs

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The dreaded four boob look! This occurs when your breasts flow over the top of your cups because they not being properly contained. If this is happening, you really need to make the decision to go up a cup size or two until you are properly contained!

3. Wrinkly Cups

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It might be a case of going in the opposite direction - you might be fully contained in your cups to such an extent that there is extra material bunching up and causing wrinkles. Go down a cup size to sort this problem out.

4. Last Hook

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Once you have been wearing your bra on the last hook level for a while, you need to make a change. Ideally, women should be wearing their bras on the tightest hook possible. If it’s too loose, you need to go down a band size.

5. Riding up

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The back of your bra riding up is one of the most annoying feelings to experience during the day, and it only happens if you are wearing a band size that is too big. Go down a band size and you will find that your bra now sits perfectly under your bust.

6. Shoulder Dents

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If your straps are digging in and giving you shoulder dents, it’s a sign that your bra isn’t giving you enough support. Try a smaller band size to remedy the situation.

7. Chest Gap

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Does the centre section at the front of your bra rest slightly away from your chest? It should be laying flat against your body, and if it isn’t, it’s a clear sign that your cup size choice is way too small.

8. Poking Underwire

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Underwire isn’t supposed to be uncomfortable, believe it or not! If your bra underwire is constantly digging into your underarm area, then you probably need to go up a cup size to give your ample bust more room!

Your bra should fit you well enough that you shouldn’t even know you are wearing it. Any issues point to the wrong size. It is best to go get measured properly and also to not assume that all bras are made equal. Always try them on rather than relying on label sizing.

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