11 Fun Ideas to Try for a Rockabilly Look ...

The rockabilly look is sculpted femininity; everything is gorgeous, from the red lip, to the belt and shoes! The clothes and accessories evoke the look of classic 1950s rock and roll. I can almost hear the music when I see the clothes! The pieces are fun, youthful, and lively! If you are not sure how to pull together your own rockabilly style or want to incorporate some rockabilly essence then let us help you get started. Below we have compiled some fun ideas for a rockabilly look to help you get started.

1. Great Heel

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We’ve all heard that shoes make the outfit. This statement is very true of the rockabilly look, too. Try wearing a simple black pump for a glamorous rockabilly look. If you like your footwear to have a little more interesting detail then try a cherry pattern or peep-toe platform. Pair your fabulous heels with a pencil skirt or form-fitting dress.

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