How to Pull off the Crop Top Look (for Any Body Type) ...

Despite popular belief, it doesn't matter what shape or size you are; the crop top works on all body types! When it comes to fashion "faux pas", I've been told to avoid so many styles that I absolutely adore just because I'm on the curvier side (and have no shame admitting that I have a belly to match). Well, I think that's not true at all! As a woman and fashion junkie, I definitely feel that as long as you know what fabrics, prints and outlines compliment your sexy shape and have the confidence to match, you can pull off any look that you want. Here's how you can rock the sultry and chic crop top look like a total fashion BOSS.

1. Tie-Waist and Sexy Denim

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Source: nadia aboulhosn: two-tone

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