8 Tips on How to Dress like Dita Von Teese ...

If you like old-fashioned glamour, then you'll love these tips on how to dress like Dita Von Teese. You never see Dita looking anything less than immaculate - no scruffy sweatpants for this girl! The burlesque star is always perfectly made up and stylishly dressed. So to bring that glamorous touch to your look, here are some hints on how to dress like Dita Von Teese …

1. Elegant

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If you want to know how to dress like Dita Von Teese, always make sure that you look elegant. Think of the style of the 1940s and '50s, when everyone wore gloves and hats every time they left the house. Wear simple but stylish dresses and smart shoes. Check out vintage shops for inspiration.

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