College Girls Show Their Fashion Class ...


I'm currently in college, so I know how difficult it is to find outfits that you love.

Especially if you go to college in an area with unpredictable weather, you have to have a wardrobe that's just as versatile as you are.

If you're looking for versatile outfit inspiration, you're sure to find an outfit you love!

1. Relaxed but Polished


I loved this look because it looks casual enough, but it also looks put-together and chic!

2. Varsity Cardigan

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Via Maroon varsity cardigan

Varsity cardigans scream college, but have you ever thought to wear yours with a pair of shorts?

So different, but so cute!

3. Black and White

Via These Boots Were Made for

As someone who goes to college in one of the most temperamental climates in the country, this outfit is perfect.2

The shirt is light enough if the weather gets warm, but the longer sleeves and vest will help keep you warm if you need it.

The black leggings are comfortable but cute, and the boots will save you from any rainstorms you get stuck in!2

4. Plaid and Herringbone

Via Community Post: 23 Clothing Items

I never thought to pair herringbone and plaid together, but it's such a chic outfit to pull together, and the Hunter boots just add another cute element to it!

5. Blue Statement Necklace

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Via Community Post: 23 Clothing Items

Any boring outfit can instantly be jazzed up with a little help from a statement necklace, especially one as beautiful as this blue statement necklace is!2

6. Mint Blouse

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Everyone knows I'm a sucker for mint, but I love everything else about this outfit as well.

From the leggings to the mug and the glasses, and even the shoes, this is the perfect college outfit!

7. Easy Outfit

Via How to Care For Premium

You probably have the components for this outfit in your closet already!2

Just pair a simple tank top with a cardigan and jeans you'll have a beautiful and simple chic outfit!

Denim and Lace
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