7 Staple Rules for Colour-coordinating Your Look All Fashionistas Should Know πŸ‘›πŸ‘  ...


Colour-coordination when it comes to fashion is all about creating combinations that work well together, are cohesive and have a great flow! ❀️

Use these super helpful staple rules to help you get the hang of it, have fun and feel confident that any outfit you choose totally works! πŸ’‹

1. Avoid Complimentary Colours

Although the word 'complimentary' might sound like the two colours go well together (and some of the time they do), but unfortunately this doesn't always translate into fashion!

Avoid pairing complimentary colours with each other in an outfit such as yellow and blue or red and green, as these are exact opposites of each other and don't tend to form a cohesive outfit.

Use Analogous Colours
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