7 Tips for How to Dress as a Petite Woman ...

Being a tad bit petite, I’m always looking for tips for how to dress as a petite woman. Though I’m not extremely short, I am naturally petite and have struggled with fitting into clothes my whole life. I have a high waistline, prominent hip line, and legs that I wish were just a wee bit taller. I’ve learned it isn’t impossible to find ways on how to dress as a petite woman though. You also don’t need to hire a fancy tailor, unless you just want to, of course. These tips will help you fit better in your clothes, feel more comfortable in your clothes, and also help you look taller, believe it or not!

1. Shop in the Petite Section

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Okay, now let’s start with one of the obvious ways on how to dress as a petite woman. This might seem like a silly tip, but you’d be surprised how many women try to shop in a department that their body isn’t made to fit into. Case in point: I realized three years ago that I couldn’t shop in the juniors section I once used to, nor in the adult women’s section. I felt a little out of my element, until I finally broke down and started buying petite clothes. The result? My clothes fit better, I look better ,and shopping is actually enjoyable again.

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