7 Winter Shades for 2013 to Add to Your Wardrobe ...

I love fashion and implementing seasonal colors to my wardrobe is something I enjoy each and every year, so I’d like to share my favorite winter colors for 2013 to add to your wardrobe if you’re into fashion too. These colors look great on most all skin tones, and you can find them in anything from scarves, to coats, to dresses, to pants, handbags and even makeup! Pick up a few items with these winter colors for 2013. You’ll be stylish, sophisticated and seasonal at the same time!

1. Cranberry

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Perhaps no other color signifies wintertime more than cranberry, making it one of the best winter colors for 2013. This burnt red color is beautiful in everything from pants to lipstick. Pick up an item in cranberry and pair it with a crisp white piece of clothing, or black, which makes another stylish pairing. Cranberry shoes are another huge fashion item right now, and I’m dying for a pair myself!

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