23 Genius πŸ’‘ Fashion Tips πŸ‘— for Women with Big Boobs πŸ‘™ ...


There are seemingly a number of fashion tips for women with large breasts out there.

While a bigger bust is often deemed desirable, sometimes the reality can be far different.

It’s a fine line between staying on top of the latest trends and choosing cuts that flatter a larger bust.

From minimising to enhancing their appearance, the following are a few handy fashion tips for women with large breasts.2

1. Embrace the Wrap

Embrace the Wrap

Wrap dresses have firmly entrenched themselves as being must-haves in many wardrobes, and with good reason.

Wrap tops and dresses work wonders for bigger busts as they separate the breasts and enhance their appearance.

2. Avoid High Necklines

Avoid High Necklines

This is probably one of the most important fashion tips for women with large breasts.

Wearing high necklines can lead to the appearance of a β€˜uni-boob’ which is flattering to no one.

For this reason, it’s generally best to avoid high, rounded necklines and turtlenecks.

3. Same Goes for Halternecks

Same Goes for Halternecks

Much like high necklines, halterneck styles can have an unflattering effect if you have a larger bust.

Halternecks can make already large breasts look bigger than they are and it’s often harder to wear a suitable supportive bra underneath.

4. Stick to Scoops and V-Necklines

Stick to Scoops and V-Necklines

I previously mentioned the idea of the β€˜uni-boob’, and a good remedy to this is to wear scoop or v-neck tops.

These necklines provide an open expanse of skin between your neck and bust, creating the appearance of a smaller bust.

5. Get the Right Bra

Get the Right Bra

As far as fashion tips for women with large breasts go, this is both for functional and aesthetic purposes.

If you’ve never been properly fitted for a bra before, then it’s about time that you do.

The right bra will not only accentuate your bust and provide better support, but also make the rest of your clothes sit and look better.

Choose the Right Sleeve Length
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