7 Hottest Dresses to Wear This Spring ...


It's finally almost time to show off your legs in fabulous dresses.

Guest contributor Ann Shirley picks out some must-wear dresses for spring 2014!

It has been a long winter!

All of this snow and cold weather has definitely left many women looking forward to the promises of warmer weather in spring, not to mention a new spring wardrobe with a selection of hot new dresses.

If youโ€™re among these women then youโ€™ll certainly appreciate this guide to the 7 hottest dresses to wear this spring.

1. Two-Piece Dresses

Two-Piece Dresses

I first saw the two-piece dress trend on rissyroos.com and I immediately fell in love with this style.

This hot dress trend is perfect for both casual and formal dresses.

Whether youโ€™re going to the club or dressing for a more formal occasion, a two-piece dress can be the perfect way to show a little bit of skin without revealing too much.

This style works particularly well if the bottom of your dress flares out like a tutu.

Tribal style tops also work well for creating a unique, cultured look.

Bandage Dresses
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