8 Most Fabulous Christian Louboutin Shoes ...


Christian Louboutin Shoes are some of the most covetable in the world.

With the trademark red sole, they are somewhat of a status symbol.

These days, saving up and buying a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes is almost like a rite of passage among the fashion savvy.

Christian Louboutin shoes come in a range of different designs, and below are just a few of the more popular styles around.2

1. Sexy Strass

Sexy Strass

Price: $3295.00 at net-a-porter.com

These Christian Louboutin shoes are super expensive, but when something is encrusted with Swarovski crystals you have to expect it to break the budget.

These shoes have a classic design with a slim stiletto heel and peep-toe front.

The crystal encrusted leather is a stand out feature of the design.

These shoes would do well to dress up a plain party dress.

Lady Peep
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