7 Tips on How to Wear Kate Middleton's Military Look ...


Loving Kate Middleton’s military look?2

The Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan of classic military detailing and timeless shapes – so much so that she’s just been snapped in the same Reiss coat that she first wore two years ago.

Want to steal her style?

Here are 7 tips for stealing Kate Middleton’s military style …

1. Keep It Classic

Keep It Classic

Kate is excellent at choosing pieces that can be reused – and it’s a great skill to learn.

The military trend is full of timeless shapes and detailing, so make sure the color matches.

Blacks, white, grays and creams will all go with almost any other color, and remain wearable for years to come.

This Kookai design is one of my winter wardrobe essentials.

2. Pick up Accessories

Accessories are the perfect way to keep your look modern and on trend, even with the most classic outfits.2

Steal Kate’s style by opting for a modern belt around a trench – she opted for a thick, black snakeskin belt with a large buckle – or add a cute hair accessory, brightly painted nails or eye-catching jewelry.

The great thing about accessories is the cheap price, making updating your outfits effortless.2

I’ve got a collection of cheap scarfs that I love for this very reason!

3. Don’t Forget Shifts!

Okay, so dresses might be a tad impractical for the military – but that doesn’t mean they don’t rock the trend!

Kate’s military look is based on statement pieces and classic shapes, and a shift dress can easily capture both.

Opt for something with long sleeves and button or buckle detailing to draw the eye, and finish the look with nude shoes or ankle boots.

4. It’s All in the Shoes

It’s All in the Shoes

There are some utterly stunning military-themed shoes out there to rock with your look.

From wedges to towering heels, studs and buttons, to buckles and cut-outs, they can be the perfect focal point for an outfit – but they can also distract from your great classic clothes.

So, opt for a more sensible shoe.

Kate Middleton’s military look almost always involves her knee-high black boots, as they are comfortable, warm and easy to walk in.

Plus, you’ll find they’ll become a wardrobe staple for any look before long… I love these slouchy Kore by Sophie Kokosalaki leather boots, and they are super waterproof too!

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